View Full Version : 4 Legged Robot Has Nothing on Water Snake Robot

29th September 06, 10:28 AM

Yes, the four legged mule-bot was interesting and a startling advance in robotics technology, but this thing right here is positivily frightening.

Imagine this swimming towards you in the ocean, with it's little light on, armed with some sort of electric weapon, or simply programmed to go anaconda on your ass and crush you to death. This is seriously the stuff of nightmares; fuck imagine what some Japanese scientists may do if they come up with a more nimble, thinner, tentacle version of this thing!

Land, sea, nothing can stand before snake bot, and snake bot is coming for your anus!

29th September 06, 10:37 AM
Dai Tenshi moves swiftly into the lead!

29th September 06, 12:22 PM
OKay, THAT thing creeps me out. The quadruped-bot is cool.