View Full Version : Business Discussion Forum?

Sun Wukong
28th September 06, 08:04 PM
As a suggestion, alot of people like to talk shop about business from time to time, so is there a possibility of creating a business discussion forum?

Or is that too far away from this sites mission statement? I think discussions of consumer fraud and general business discussion might be a valuable addition.

Good idea or not going to happen?

28th September 06, 08:13 PM
We were discussing this on Bullshido. It's a possibility if there's enough interest. Right now we're just getting things under way so we don't want to create forums unless there are new threads to go in them.

Sun Wukong
29th September 06, 12:53 AM
Well, i'm sure you already thought of this, but if you started one it would undoubtedly go slowly at first and pick up speed as it goes on. We're all from different area's of industry so it may be difficult for people to find a common ground, but like all business it has to start somewhere.

Sun Wukong
29th September 06, 12:59 AM
also, i might suggest that it be a slightly more moderated forum. Normally there is probably the tendency here to shy away from that kind of thing, but in the due course of business discussion between budding entrepeneurs and experienced business owners no one wants an otherwise fruitful discussion to be derailed by a moron who doesn't know dick about making money and whose only real skill lies in saying everything is stupid and doomed to failure without actually having any actual understanding of the subject.

29th September 06, 02:44 AM
I like it.