View Full Version : The CW Released the Season Opener of Veronica Mars on MSN Video a Week Before it Airs

26th September 06, 10:57 PM
Do yourself a favor and watch the complete, commercial free first episode of season three. (http://video.msn.com/v/us/v.htm?g=c0c024bc-cfc3-40e9-bbd2-b5b833c82f8f&f=01/64&fg=copy)

As Veronica Mars will now be following Gilmore Girls, the creators went out of their way to make this first episode as accesible to first time viewers as possible; you don't need to know all the mythos to enjoy this episode.

And what an episode. Quips and witty banter galore, even everyone's favorite sci-fi curse word. If you've never seen Veronica Mars before and are curious as to why I am hopelessly enamored of it, watch this- if you don't like it, well then you and I were never truly friends and you can burn in hell. Seriously, the first few minutes should tell you what you need to know and keep you there, but wait for the wonderful violence at the end.


Veronica Mars has gone to college; no prankster, snotty TA, thief, beer thief, serial rapist, or murderer is safe.

edit promo video from comic con in post 5

26th September 06, 11:10 PM
Link a torrent or youtube or google url. MSN is the devil.

26th September 06, 11:39 PM

Also, Firefox users cry when you post a link to free video from there.

26th September 06, 11:40 PM
No can find yet. It's worth putting up with MSN to watch this.

28th September 06, 11:08 AM
I should've put this in the OP.

Excellent 3 minute promo that was shown at Comic Con this year. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNuqjuDWngI)


28th September 06, 11:43 AM
I'm gonna wait actually for the TV rip.

28th September 06, 12:19 PM
Fair enough.