View Full Version : GREATEST BOXING MATCH EVER! Uwe Boll vs. Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka! VIDEO!

24th September 06, 11:56 AM
The Fight: http://v.somethingawful.com/misc/round1.wmv

The Interview: http://v.somethingawful.com/misc/lowtaxlive.asf

The fight was kinda disappointing. I was hoping for Lowtax do do something goofy in the ring... And it looked like he tried to, but it didn't play very well. But of course, by beating the crap out of a skinny internet geek, film director Uwe Boll has demonstrated once and for all that his crappy movies don't suck!

The interview was amusing, though. And the chick doing the interview is hot.

Edit: Media tags didn't work and totally screwed up the page.

Robot Jesus
27th September 06, 01:38 AM
You have to hand it to lowtax though. He walked into a fight he could not win, played around a bit, got hurt, played around some more, got hurt some more and then gave up.

27th September 06, 01:48 AM
Hasn't this been on Bullshido for.....like.....ever?

27th September 06, 01:51 AM
Hasn't this been on Bullshido for.....like.....ever?


27th September 06, 03:15 PM
It's ok, we're eventually going to have a completely different base of core members anyway.

28th September 06, 04:01 AM
But the IDs work for both sites, surely a link to the Bullshido thread'd be sufficient, it's not like people need to sign up.