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Dark Helmet
17th September 06, 04:16 PM
Who here is going to watch it?



In a time where so-called reality TV fills the TV dial every night. It’s amazing that anyone at CBS would want to even consider a show about a town that has to endure a post-apocalyptic future.



This could, hopefully, will bring back cool, interesting programming just like we used to have.But even if it doesn't I right now happy to have BSG and this show if it doesn't get canceled.

Just from watching the trailer has peaked my interest already.

Mr. Jones
17th September 06, 10:13 PM
All apocalyptic shows suck because they fail in comparison to Fist of the North Star.

Dark Helmet
17th September 06, 10:20 PM
Just fuck'n die already

18th September 06, 01:29 AM
All apocalyptic shows suck because they fail in comparison to Fist of the North Star.
The correct answer was: fail in comparison to "Salute Of The Jugger"

19th February 08, 09:36 PM


Ok, so this thread is over a year and a half old. This show was nearly canceled. Only now are they getting around to what will- because of the writer's strike- be a short ten or twelve episode second season. If it can be said that a TV show has been through hell, then I suppose that Jericho has indeed been through the gates guarded by that most vicious of 3 headed hounds, CBS-executive....erus.


Sci-fi channel began airing the first season last monday and, having heard so much about it on the webs, I decided to sit back and watch a few eps; I was immediatly drawn in and by Friday had watched half the first season on-line over at CBS.com (http://www.cbs.com/primetime/jericho/video/video.php?cid=446407299&cc=0&play=false) (you can stream the whole thing from the link I posted, for free) and then finally broken down and bought the first season on DVD (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8450295&st=jericho&type=product&id=1653176) so that I could finish it off in style rather than in my web browser.

Season two began last Tuesday, so I missed the premier episode. Fortunately the first episode of season 2 is available for free in HD in the XBox Live Video Market Place, so that took care of that- last season they shot on film, now they shoot digital and the image quality is noticably superior.

In case it hasn't sunk in yet, I think very highly of this show. For past examples of how my recommendations have turned out for all of you, I point you to Dexter. (http://www.sociocide.com/forums/showthread.php?t=45289&highlight=Dexter)

This is the best post apocalyptic anything I've seen in a damn long time. A big part of why this works and works so much better than say The Day After (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085404/) is that it draws so well on past events; sure, no one's set off a nuke in a city recently, but we ahve seent eh truly pathetic response of the most powerful nation in the world to having a couple buildings hit by planes and a hurricane taking on Mardi Gras. The producers and writers of the show very cleverly drew on the experiences of 9/11 and Katrina to get an idea of just how fucked up this country would be if, say, 20 high yield nuclear weapons were to go off in 20 different cities across the map.

Yeah, every major city- save a few noteable exceptions- gets bombed clean off the map, in the very first episode. Millions die right away, millions more die in the immediate fallout, and as the show goes on we see that millions more die as soceity crumbles when the shipments of hotpockets and oreos stop coming into town every week.

Jericho, KS. is one of those small American towns (population 5,00) with not much going for it; no real industry outside of the old salt mine and some surrounding farms. Jericho is one of those lucky places that manages to avoid most of the fallout by virtue of its placement and where the winds tend to blow. Really, Jericho reminds me very much of Stillwater OK. where I went to college, though come to think of it Stilly would ahve a huge advantage post nuke seeing as it's got the university- never mind, getting off track.

The decay of modern American life into 19th century tribalism is slow, and steady, and awesome to see. Power fails and is at first brought back by emergancy generators, but when the gas stop coming, and everyone's tapped their tanks to keep the hospital running, eventually the town is reduced to candles and wood fires.

Crime is rampant in the new America, a trip down the highway, say 60 miles- something you'd do in an afternoon to visit a particular shop and pick up a new something or other- becomes a Mad Max nightmare- no, it doesn't try to be like Mad Max, thank god. The sense of dread that comes with ever venturing out of town is palpable and real. Everyone out there is doing their damnedest to get all the food and supplies they can carry and to hell with everyone else.

In time, the small scale stuff grows untill eventually towns only 30 or 40 miles apart, towns that used to be little more than high school football rivals, are actually at war with one another over food, fuel, and means of production.

Really, that's what this show is for me, yeah there are lots of great characters, and the whole "WHO BLEW UP THE WORLD" mystery is interesting and all, but I just love the heart wrenching decay of my way of life..... seeing it on TV is somehow, well, not satisfying- fascinating I guess.

To be sure, yes, it's a mystery jsut who set off the nukes and why, and naturally this is one of those things that's going to take time. Thankfully, unlike some other shows *COUGH*Lost*COUGH* progress is actually made in this show and mysteries are actually solved; seriously, the plot advances- who knew a show could do that!?!

If you had to press me for favorite characters I'd go with Mimi the vicious IRS bitch from Washington DC who comes to town to bust Stanley the hard working, honest, and affable farmer- oh, and Stanley too, you'd just have to watch to find out I suppose- and the dorky kid Dale who, as it turns out, is actually a hard working, shrewd dealing, hammer of vengeance kind of guy.

Right, well, with all that said; Watch this show, you'll probably like it.


Sun Wukong
19th February 08, 11:41 PM
We are one in this belief: Jericho is an awesome TV show. It deserves 5 full seasons.

20th February 08, 03:05 AM
And here I heard it was crap. Wow, I really need to check my sources.

Question: Why has America been El Nuked in the show? (Unless that's a spoiler or something)

20th February 08, 08:02 AM
Hmmmm, that's kinda spoilery.

Domestic terrorists likely with leadership highly placed withint he Department of Homeland Security; their goal seems to be to rebuild the US the way they want.

20th February 08, 10:58 AM
I missed the first half of the first episode of Season 2, so I didn't watch the second half. And it's on XBox live? Brilliant. Perfect time for my 360 to red ring on me.

20th February 08, 12:08 PM
This show is way too far fetched for me to enjoy. I mean, I like fantasy, but come on, be real.

/sarcasm off

20th February 08, 02:24 PM
Come on Riddeck; worst terrorist attack in history is blamed on Iran and North Korea which are summarily nuked out of existence. New government rises up using the attacks as an excuse to impose true fascism.

This show isn't just for you, it is you.

20th February 08, 02:25 PM
When did they blame it on Iran & NK? I thought I was up to date. Is that season 2?

20th February 08, 02:55 PM
Thank you Stick. Thank you so much. I had no idea what happened to this show. I really thought it just got pushed into the vault and I would never see the first episode of season 3.

I LOVE THIS SHOW. It deals with the everyday reality of a post-apocolyptic metldown, which is always the part movies like this totally ignore. the town itself is a really charming small town. I like stanley but the IRS bitch I could take or leave. I love the back story behind the protagonist. It's got legs on it and I think it will be very interesting.

I think they blew up Nkorea and Iran in the first season actually. Stick, if you haven't seen the end of the second season, you're in for a real suprise during the season finale.

One of my fav parts was seeing the two plane wrecks on the highway. Very telling and yet very mysterious at the same time.

20th February 08, 07:14 PM
I think what happened is that after it's first 12 or 13 episodes CBS said "fuck this", then fan response was huge and they ended up- several months later- doing and running the second half of season one which you seem to be calling season 2.

They've jsut begun season 2.

Assuming the big stuff you're talking about is the war between the two small towns, then yeah, that was still the 1st season, there was just a big hitch thrown in the schedule.

21st February 08, 03:25 AM
Come on Riddeck; worst terrorist attack in history is blamed on Iran and North Korea which are summarily nuked out of existence. New government rises up using the attacks as an excuse to impose true fascism.

This show isn't just for you, it is you.

Kind of sounds like the pilot episode of "The Lone Gunman" offshoot from X-files, portraying American Airliners being remotely controlled about to smash into the Twin Towers. Weird.

However, if another 'terrorist' attack happens, and G.W. Suspends the election and declares Martial Law, I will leave "I told you so" out of the soon to follow discussions as to whether Martial Law really exists.

21st February 08, 09:39 AM
Yeah, but The Lone Gunmen kind of sucked.

21st February 08, 01:08 PM
Yeah, but The Lone Gunmen kind of sucked.

True, which is why it went no where. Xfiles ruled however.

I have also heard Jericho is awesome, I just do not watch a whole lot of television.

I would certainly check this out at some point, however.

21st February 08, 04:32 PM
Like I said, you can stream the whole thing from CBS.com whenever you want for free.

23rd February 08, 11:18 PM
Appropriate song is APPROPRIATE!


24th February 08, 11:26 AM
The CBS site won't let me watch the episodes, so im downloading them.

Season 2 premier was awesome. The army guy is wicked awesome! He is my new favourite character.

24th February 08, 02:20 PM
Oh, yeah you're in Spain; international distribution rights or something, none of the major networks' streaming sites work outside the US- pretty asinine if you ask me.

24th February 08, 03:48 PM
you think thats what is doing it? Proxy to the rescue!!

I'm also too damn poor to afford a tv here. I miss the Daily show.....

5th March 08, 12:53 AM
Tonight's episode made me cry manly tears.


5th March 08, 03:50 PM


But seriously, i love this show.

But here in canada, in the local networks atleast(i don't have cable)

the freaking show jumps around, so im lost.

5th March 08, 05:16 PM
Downloading as we speak.

I'm gonna a shot here and say the army major is dead by the end of the season.

6th March 08, 07:03 AM



I hope all those ravenwood fuckers died.

7th March 08, 08:22 PM



I hope all those ravenwood fuckers died.

Now you know why I cried.

8th March 08, 05:41 PM
I liked her.....

12th March 08, 01:25 PM
Utterly epic.

American Revolution 2.0: Are you sure you want to install this upgrade?

12th March 08, 03:17 PM
Damn you Stick.

I will be travelling for the next week so I won't be able to see it. And you had to go and drop that teaser. I hate you. I really do.

23rd March 08, 10:26 AM
Caught up to episode 6 now. This is getting insane!

They really should let stan turn himself in. It's his choice.

Dark Helmet
23rd March 08, 12:45 PM

Jericho will not be renewed for a 3rd season.

23rd March 08, 01:15 PM

23rd March 08, 01:39 PM
I figured it was going to get canceled. About two weeks ago they announced they were going to run it on Sci-fi...

23rd March 08, 03:05 PM
They are blowing more shit up and shooting lots this season.

Of course it got renewed. Episode 6 was really a wtf episode. In a good way though. I didnt expect any of that to happen.

26th March 08, 04:37 PM
WTF. CBS.com is saying that episode 7 is the SERIES finale.

I repeat, WTF?

26th March 08, 04:43 PM
Roll the credits and lope along towards the sunset. Thats all she wrote.

I was pondering a sci-fi channel rescue, but I think that's very unlikely given the relevant players.

27th March 08, 12:16 PM
Oh wow that was a great episode. I really hope they make another season, but if they don't, then at least they ended it REALLY well. That was like totally satisfying.