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21st August 06, 11:44 AM
I just finished watching the movie Edmond.
Verdict for those of you who don't want to read:
Good. It's a drama with "thriller" aspects. Check out the trailer online, it's everything you expect from it by watching the preview.
If that makes you want to pay theatre price, then go ahead.
Though I do recommend renting it if you get the chance.
Edit: Here is a link to the trailer for those of you who are THAT lazy.

For the rest of you:

Edit: Fucking Jesus. Sorry, I forgot the most important part


It did the circuit on the film festivals and soon they are going to release it into theatres.

I must say. I enjoyed it quite a bit. For those of you who understand the reference it is quite a bit like a Falling Down in many aspects.

The basic premise of this movie is that a forty seven year old Edmond Burke who has lived his entire life behind a desk doing as he is told, snaps.

The movie opens on with Edmond getting into an elevator with a couple that are kissing as if no one is around.
This scene establishes really fast that Edmond is a very awkward nub-nosed kind of person. (Pulled off very well by William H. Macy)
After having Tarots read to him in a hole in the wall shop, Edmond has a realization about himself and just up and leaves his life.

Soon he begins a downward spiral into madness getting exposed to the cold face of reality.
He is mugged, taken advantage of, and confused.

He eventually spirals out of control in a fit of madness and has an awakening revealing to him that his entire life he has not been living.

The movie ends with him going into prison, and becoming a hardened prison felon.
At the very end he has prison tattoos as well as a Tear of Life.
(it means that you have killed someone, for those of you completely out of the know)

We see throughout the movie this deep prejudice that comes out of Edmond, a nice guy. He exposes himself as a homophobe and a racist.
Jealous of how he imagines that "niggers can just sit in the shade."

We see him preach about how no one is really living. How everyone, no matter what bottles up things inside of them, we left many things unsaid. Things we want to say but never do.
How we are never living but a few minutes every year in rare seconds. That we are never really alive. That we have been bred into a constant state of fear and complacency that robs the life from us.

It also rails about how people, are not kind to each other. They rob and steal and cheat and lie, that many often live sheltered from this fact. That we do not live in a perfect world, and that we have ourselves to blame for it.

The movie is done mostly in dark settings or very beige settings of hotel rooms and apartments.

William H. Macy plays Edmond Burke to a perfect fit. A humble, stuttering, and confused desk jockey in a world that he never knew was actually bad. Realizing that people are not kind to each other.

The acting on the others is done well. Nothing worth raving about. Some of the yelling seems rather forced.
Julia Stiles also has an awkward line or two, but plays her role rather well other than that. It was more an issue of the script rather than delivery, so she can't be blamed.

Anyway, it's nice and gritty and "real world."
A good drama about a man collapsing as the weight of the world hits his shoulders and the madness that it inspires inside of him.
That perhaps the world inspires in us all.

**spoilers end**

That's it.

I'm done being pretentious, I'm going to go get a coke.