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13th August 06, 11:25 PM
wha happin tu da https linkage for ctc?

https://www.sociocide.com takes me to some communityhosting.net ghey page,

I need https for when I don't want the voices in my head to know why I typun

14th August 06, 08:13 AM
We don't have an SSL version of the site.

15th August 06, 02:52 AM
Are there plans to make one? I'm tired of having to make a new tinfoil hat every day at work. I might have a cert from verisign I could transfer over to you.

15th August 06, 01:45 PM
Hrm... Flare?

I could use one too, but I don't know if you need an extra Vbulletin license.

17th August 06, 09:51 AM
Yeah ... done. You can now use HTTPS.

19th August 06, 02:20 AM
Yeah ... done. You can now use HTTPS.

OMG, you are waaaay better than Indian tech support. Those motherfuckers can't even understand me. Or maybe I can't understand them....

Thanks Flare. My aluminuminuminum supplier is a little pissed tho.

19th August 06, 02:23 AM
It works, sort of.

If you log in under https, it works, but when I click on links it takes me to the http version of the page. Gonna clear my cache and all that other crap and see if I still have the same issues.

*tinfoil hat on*

19th August 06, 02:24 AM
Ok, login works, but subsequent links take you to their http equivalent.

At least the bastards can't snoop my password now, although they can snoop me calling them bastards.