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Hurricane Aegien
3rd August 06, 02:11 AM
I'm shocked and appauled that you people would spend a fucking penny on such idiotic drivel, much less admit it afterwards.

Seriously - why would you ever feed the "Movies for mental midgets" market? There's stupid funny, and then there's just fucking stupid. One of these categories is almost always painfully obvious from the previews alone.

3rd August 06, 02:14 AM
So you're saying I should just wait until it comes out on DVD before buying it?

3rd August 06, 09:56 AM
Boycott Hollywood. We demand decent movies!

3rd August 06, 10:28 AM
Hey it was either Miami Vice or John Tucker Must Die. I went with the former. Michael Mann dude. Heat was awesome, thought it would be at little bit entertaining. Boy was I wrong.

Dark Helmet
3rd August 06, 10:30 AM
At Zipperfish.com, the Walrus


He made many good points that I agree with.Also things I hadn't considered too.

3rd August 06, 11:55 AM
Shit, just get tickets to Pirates. Or even watch an Everest documentary on iMAX. either is better than those movies.

Bluto Blutarsky
3rd August 06, 02:38 PM
Miami vice the movie is a wannabe Band of the Hand which is a wannabe miami vice the tv show.

This movie was made 20 years too late.

3rd August 06, 04:44 PM
The fact that two threads were started about these two movies makes me tempted to start my "Keith's Psychic Movie Reveiws" thread, where I look at the trailers for the movies and use my impressive psychic powers to tell you if it's worth wasting your money. Could save some people some anguish.

3rd August 06, 10:51 PM
Honestly, that would be something worth looking into. If you don't, I will.

7th August 06, 08:14 PM
I saw little man.

I smash my head into my computer to have spent money on it.


Diggler McFeely
8th August 06, 01:13 AM
I saw Miami Vice. It was the shiznit. You're all on crack.