View Full Version : Miami Vice Sucked Balls

2nd August 06, 10:56 PM
This movie was incredibly bad. I almost fell asleep half way through. The only redeeming quality of this flick was the final (and only) action sequence. Some cool deaths and shit, but not worth sitting through this pile of crap to get to that part.

(opps, spelling mistake)

2nd August 06, 11:00 PM
I heard that it had really good audio during the last gun fight.

Sorry for the stupid stupid pun.

2nd August 06, 11:11 PM
It's a pity, because Mann is fully capable of making some classic shit. I suppose they can't all hit the mark, though.

Hurricane Aegien
3rd August 06, 02:07 AM
I sincerely hope that the topic of this thread is of no surprise to anyone.

3rd August 06, 08:00 AM
I was just pissed that they didn't make the Bacardi and Cola movie instead.

3rd August 06, 08:59 AM
I was just pissed that they didn't make the Bacardi and Cola movie instead.

It would have been better ... it HAD to have been better .

4th August 06, 11:33 AM
Why the hell does Hollywood keep making remakes! Everything is either a remake of an old movie or TV show, a sequel, or a comic book turned into a movie. If we are really lucky we might be treated to a movie based on a book, yippee! Are there no original projects left?

4th August 06, 02:02 PM
If they want to make remakes, they should remake shitty movies.

Unfortunately, my superior mind has repressed all memories of shitty movies, so I can't give you any examples.

4th August 06, 02:04 PM
I can, they remade Parts the Clonus Horror. It was reborn as The Island.

4th August 06, 09:00 PM
They should remake the original star wars trilogy with Ja Rule in it.

5th August 06, 01:05 AM
Do not give them any ideas!

5th August 06, 01:22 AM
The 80s sucked...and is still sucking apparently.

5th August 06, 04:37 AM
Highlight of the 80s:


5th August 06, 10:13 AM
Ooooooo, shiny!

5th August 06, 10:31 AM
I don't know about any of you, but Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. needs to be redone with Vinny Jones as the crazy guy in the blonde wig.

7th August 06, 11:19 AM
You think they're making bad movies now, wait until 20 years in the future. They'll be making re-remakes of shitty 80ies films and George Lucas will most likely be making Star Wars 0,-1 and -2.

7th August 06, 01:02 PM
Star Wars Episode 0 is a viability, because "zero" sounds edgy. Like Zero from Megaman.

7th August 06, 02:19 PM
George Lucas should never write another script in his life. He work defines stilted dialogue.

8th August 06, 12:57 PM
What else did he write besides Star Wars?

8th August 06, 12:59 PM
Indiana Jones.

9th August 06, 05:32 AM
Indiana Jones.


And Shadow Moon.


9th August 06, 08:02 PM
What else did he write besides Star Wars?


I've been meaning to ask Reese why he uses that for a handle. It was a really fucking weird movie. Reminded me of Equilibrium, not for the gun-fu, but the other weird stuff.

9th August 06, 09:36 PM
So nothing good, then?

9th August 06, 09:50 PM
He also wrote The Land Before Time, which is one of the best childrens movies ever, and teaches the lesson of life and death!

9th August 06, 10:27 PM
All 15 of them?

10th August 06, 12:36 PM
Would the movie "Barretta" starring Vin Diesel sell?

11th August 06, 07:15 AM
Don't forget American Grafitti. Or forget it... see if I care.
http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0000184/ for total list.

11th August 06, 07:58 AM
Does anyone else notice that George Lucas looks exactly like the Ewok leader?

11th August 06, 08:05 AM
Those weren't extras in costume, all those ewoks are his family.