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Dark Helmet
1st August 06, 10:37 AM
Who is the Stig from british TopGear?

I've been wondering for awhile who this guy could be.I've guess,perhaps, Nigel Mansel or maybe even Gerhard Berger.




****If you have no idea who these 2 drivers are than you must watch Nascar because you were raised in some bug infested,backwards place in the south.This thread is for fans of cars and real auto-racing.

1st August 06, 11:02 AM
Best car show on TV. I've heard a few theories about the guy, but I'm more of a WRC fan so I don't know any of those guys.

Dark Helmet
1st August 06, 11:51 AM
It is the best car show.I'm going to base my next car on what they say on the show.

Oh!I'm a bigger fan of WRC right now than F-1.Also,Sports Cars and Lemans endurance.I'm just not a big fan of Funny cars.

I've been searching around racing forums and other things that relate to cars and I've not been able to find out who he is.

1st August 06, 12:23 PM
The person driving the silver BMW was the guy presenting the clip - Tiff Needell. He no longer works on Top Gear, but is a former professional driver.

Perry McCarthy, a kind of non-starter in F1 racing, was one of the Stigs, the original in fact.


It's generally believed that since then it has been a variety of racing car drivers, though not necessarily from F1.

Top Gear is decent, they need better looking presenters though. Richard Hammond is too short :(

1st August 06, 04:45 PM
Damen Hill turned up as a stand in guest &@ short notice & would fit the profile, but he did his lap slower than the Stig
There are more suggetions on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Stig)

Dark Helmet
1st August 06, 09:53 PM
Damen Hill turned up as a stand in guest &@ short notice & would fit the profile, but he did his lap slower than the Stig
There are more suggetions on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Stig)
Thats what it says in the wiki.But,the Stig is tall and bulky while Damon is skinny.My vote is still Nigel Mansel.

3rd August 06, 09:54 AM
Mansell's ego would not support a masked role. Bells, whistles and neon would be de rigeur.
That's not having a go at old Nige. He really was that damn good.

I half remember a story in the news about someone trying to remove Top Gear from the tv, and named the hosts and Perry McCarthy as irresponsible and bad examples to drivers, and possibly responsible for the decline in western civilisation, and the loss of Atlantis. I think that was a while ago though.

Because I came here through Bullshido, I'm guessing the Stig is probably Helio Gracie.

4th August 06, 10:54 PM
Whoever it is ; it's not a "big" name.
McArthy is a bit known in the UK but not a very well known one.
The guys are guarding this little secret very well so i think this time it will remain so ;)

Must be the best inside joke on the crew there ;)

Yiktin Voxbane
5th August 06, 12:00 AM
Stirling Moss .....

or maybe jake the snake roberts .../duck

:EDIT: Top Gear clips (http://tv.peekvid.com/s2509/) :END EDIT:

Dark Helmet
5th August 06, 12:46 PM
No,no,no...Moss was a great driver in his day.In his day.

Whoever the stig is he can push the car the limit that only a younger guy can do.