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28th April 06, 01:20 PM
In light of Oudens Wisdom I thought I would post a review of Silent Hill for those who have neglected to see it.

I'm pretty sure most everyone here has played, or seen the game. I haven't beat it personally but I watched many friends beat it and played all the incantations of the games myself for some time. It just isn't as much fun beating it when you've watched someone get all the endings ;p.

The movie starts out a bit different as of course I'm sure you've seen in the trailers. The mom winds up losing the little girl and going to find her, whereas you play the father in the game.

Many of the monster incantations make their way through the movie, and reveal the elements of the plotline slowly. Of course if you know the plotline of the game, then you know the plotline of the movie, it does keep to the story more or less.

The one thing I have to say about the movie is I LOVE the way the camera angles were shot. I thought the visuals were done very well and more then anything I enjoyed the way the angles were shot.

I don't want to give any spoilers but I like the way the ending was done also. All in all an A for this movie. Even if you hadn't played the games, as some people in our group hadn't, they still thought it was a good movie.

28th April 06, 02:20 PM
I'll wait for the DVD. Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and Doom made me decide to never pay $18 for 2 video-game movie tickets ever again. Unless of course they come out with Metal Gear Solid the movie.