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27th April 06, 09:42 PM
In reviewing the review forum here on Sociocide, I hope that I can delve into the underbelly of society and hopefully bring some good into this world that was yet to be found in this dreary, meloncholy globe we call Earth.

The review forum is a nice idea, being that people have opinions and thus can post their opinions about things they've encountered such as movies, music, whether the areas around Kela's vagina are in fact flab or shadows. So people would take these things and then give their opinion on it -- or a review if you would.

It sounds like a nice idea, but ultimately thus far the review forum has fallen short of this lofty dream. I open it to read reviews on the latest trendy band such as Fallout Boy or whether or not Silent Hill is as good as Fraggle Rock and all I get is forum rules and nothing else but.

All in all at this juncture I have to give the review forum a 3 out of a scale of 1 - 10. There's potential, but it has thus far fallen short. Perhaps at some point in the future this number will raise as we actually have some reviews, but that remains to be seen.

28th April 06, 02:19 PM
Great review Ouden, thanks!

28th April 06, 03:25 PM
Not sure what we're doing with this. Suggestions?

28th April 06, 03:38 PM
The music/movie/mayhem forum is pretty well redundant, unless you use this one strictly for front-page material and that one for general chatter about them.

15th July 06, 02:07 AM
Can we get a current review of this forum puhleeze?