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Yiktin Voxbane
17th April 06, 11:22 PM
One word WOLFMOTHER ! (http://www.modularpeople.com/03/wolfmother/wm_full.htm)

Witchcraft , Woman ..... nice to revisit the late 60's - Early 70's.

If ye be a Lover of Kickass Guitar bands with a retro-feel, check'em out !


19th April 06, 05:30 PM
Tool - 10,000 Days

Whole album was leaked a few days ago, whole album is excellent. Completely new style as with every Tool album, each album is new and exciting!

20th April 06, 05:09 PM
Wolfmother are really cool. Minds Eye, White Unicorn and (has to be Yikky's fav :P ) 'Tales from the Forest of Gnomes' are great tracks.
Wolfmother site ....

20th April 06, 06:06 PM
Final Cut by Pink Floyd

PS Niggers

Tenebrae Vision
26th April 06, 08:33 PM
"21st Century Jesus" ~ Fear Factory

Hurricane Aegien
27th April 06, 04:10 PM
Scarlet - This was always meant to fall apart

The Esoteric - With the sureness of sleepwalking

Fall of Troy - Doppelganger

Lady Sovereign - Misc.

3rd May 06, 07:42 AM
Sex Disease - Velvet Acid Christ ; Parasite - Front Line Assembly

3rd May 06, 07:57 AM
*waves at LimeHeadCat*
Ooops, that's not music... um.. ah..
Whatever's on my Nano shuffle thing? ;)

Diggler McFeely
4th June 06, 04:28 AM
Revolting Cocks.

What can I say? Saw them in concert recently.

25th June 06, 11:01 AM
Revolting Cocks.

What can I say? Saw them in concert recently.

Apparently they are playing here in Detroit, soon, I think, and Jada Pinkett Smith *duh* is the front of a Metal band. Anyone hear of them, or heard from them?

I am curious to see how she rolls.

*The relevence is JPS band is opening for Ministry that day*

25th June 06, 07:16 PM
Lady Sovereign? Short white limey with a Napoleon complex, imo.

Mr. Nogatco - Nogatco Rd. (think Dr. Octagon)

Inspectah Deck - Rebel with a Cause (very tight flows without too much repetition)

Glassjaw - Everything You Wanted to Know About Silence (front man also fronts Head Automatica, which is almost glam and features Cage at the end of the album)

Coheed and Cambria - 2, 3, and 4(face facts... you can't have too many songs about being the cause of the Apocalypse)

Final Cut is possibly the greatest Pink Floyd album. Nigger.

25th June 06, 08:43 PM
NIN - Down In It
Public Enemy - Can't Truss It
INXS - Suicide Blonde
Das Efx - They Want Efx
Beck - Go It Alone

Diggler McFeely
26th June 06, 10:32 PM
Front Line Assembly

27th June 06, 10:45 PM
I'm actually liking that Oakenfold song with Brittany Murphy singing on it. WTF! It's catchy though.

28th June 06, 11:13 AM
I also, am loving Oakenfold - Faster Kill Pussycat. Nelly Furtado's Maneater is strangely catchy also.

The Zutons - Valerie
Lostprophets - Rooftops
Razorlight - In the Morning
Dirty Pretty Things - Deadwood
Primal Scream - Country Girl, Dolls

And of course, Keane's new Album - Under the Iron Sea, and Muse - Black Holes and Revelations

Diggler McFeely
30th June 06, 01:28 AM
So bumbed. No tour bus for FLA. Concert dates canceled/postponed :(

Yiktin Voxbane
10th July 06, 11:44 PM

On a slightly unrelated note, Last friday I saw the Adelaide Symphonny Orchestra teamed with a band doing Pink Floyd........ A-Freaking-Mazing.