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10th May 05, 02:03 AM
Just curious if anyone would like to give me some reviews on FFXI Online. I've played it once when it first came out and thought it was pretty cool. Played a few days and got talked into playing whatever new game was out at the time, never went back to FFXI but now have a kind of craving... been reading the forums at FFXI Warcry and such and there's alot of good content there. Just wondering what you new/old/ex EQ players think and if you've tried it out or whatnot. I've played all games under the sun MMO.

I like WoW with it's smooth graphics (but not graphics intense =/) and PvP. That's about all i like about WoW.

SWG just gag's me now.

Lineage 2 i have never tried but thought might really be interesting but not sure about lasting.

Dark Age of Camelot's gameplay functions are annoying and tedious.

Matrix Online is just plain horrible (no first person view)

EQ2 is a pain in the ass with it's slow leveling and "group" mobs--"solo" mobs. Excellent graphics and content though but that's expected.

So... I'm considering FFXIonline or WoW (again for 3rd time). Hell maybe even both but would prefer not... any opinions you all have works for me. Thanks!


10th May 05, 07:35 AM
i played in the lineage 2 beta for a while.

pros : it's really weird. like, seriously weird. It grew on me though, i still wouldn't mind playing it just for it's weirdness factor.

graphics are quite pretty. Also, seige warfare and such is apparently now in the game (as well as the possiblity of having a dragon pet to fly.. i think? i dunno). i don't know how this part works, but it sounds cool at least.

cons: game mechanics gave the impression they would leave much to be desired at higher levels, PvP apparently quite badly balanced.

.. I dunno, if people i knew had decided to play lineage 2 i probably would have given it a shot.

In some ways it's rather WoW-esque, in other ways decidedly not.

from what i hear the grind aspect of FFXI is just insane and becomes incredibly tedious quite quickly. That's all i know about it.

Currently WoW does it for me, i play somewhat casually, have a few people i play with regularly that i can do instances and junk with.. some of the instances and events are really quite cool... the first couple of times you do em anyway :p

10th May 05, 02:46 PM
I'm not much of a fan of super slow leveling so i guess that rules out FFXI. Lineage 2 has always caught my eye in that they have tons of loot, castle sieges, nice looking weapons/armor... Main thing i dislike about WoW is the content and the fact that the armor and weapons look like they were cut out of paper with not much detail. Too cartoony. The gameplay i must say is amazingly smooth though. I figure why not try Lineage 2 for a free month while also playing WoW. I suppose FFXI woudl be a casual gamers game, usually when i play an MMO i grind and grind and grind.

11th May 05, 01:59 AM
Alrighty... made a decision have done extensive research and forum reading... I found a graph that Traetick showed me about who all plays what game the most... It's outdated as of Jan 05 i think... But i could NOT believe more people play Runescape than EQ-2, thats' a crock of horseshit... EQ-2 is a great game, takes patience and understanding to play BUT it is FAAAAR more entertaining than Runescape! LOL

If you don't agree with that then go fuck yourselves (rofl) Becuase that'd just be insane to like Runescape over EQ-2. It's like loving Second Age over WoW... Doesn't make sense, lol... Anyways...

I was suprised to see that Lineage and Lineage2 both have more gamers than WOW. To me everyone is jumping on the WOW bandwagon and i can't stand it... WOW is a game for newbs. I will agree it has it's very high points but also have very low points. These are just my opinions...

So i made the decision to play EQ-2 again and nothing else unless someone decides to go out and buy me a copy of WOW then i'd play... not paying 50$ for it again though... not worth it to me with its' papercutouts of cartoon imagery and armor. That's really the only reason i don't like it.

Ok enough ranting... I noticed the main subscribers to FFXI and Lineage are Koreans and Japanese, which wouldn't leave much room for socializing in either for us Americans or Britians.


11th August 06, 02:16 PM
my friend had 300 online DAYS in the game, then realized he had a internet addiction, and we smashed his computer. dont get it. its shit. a year of his fucking life drained away. :'(

Mr. Jones
12th August 06, 11:39 PM
You seriously smashed your friends computer?

13th August 06, 11:20 AM
He's too stupid to use uninstall and melt the CD, apparently.

13th August 06, 02:48 PM
We Poles are a simple folk and don't meddle in your "electronics".

Unless he means polish, not Polish. In which case yeah, he's pretty stupid.