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5th April 05, 05:29 PM

Here are some samples of some of my friends music... band is called Shovelfoot. They are alternative/metalish.

These are guys I went to school with, they dont have their newest demo up on the site, but they are getting better by the day.

Just figured someone might enjoy a listen.

Any comments on em appreciated.

EDIT - Follow the link on the site to the music samples.

5th April 05, 05:50 PM
The lead singer sounds a little like James Hetfield from Metallica in the chorus of Left Right, Feel & Stand Up were not bad at all either, they sound a little like a mixture of Anthrax & Metallica . Do you know what groups were the inspirations for they're music?

Saoshen Sih`ja`Tgzu
5th April 05, 05:58 PM

local band

5th April 05, 06:35 PM
Oceana > *

5th April 05, 06:51 PM
Section 16 (http://www.sectionxvi.com/news.htm) are some of my buds here in town. Rain just won another guitar competitio, and they're still in the studio for their next album.

Check out Metropolitan God (http://www.sectionxvi.com/MetropolitanGod.mp3) and Rewind (http://www.sectionxvi.com/Rewind.mp3). This shit is better than 95% of the stuff on the radio in my opinion.

I think I've voiced my opinion on the state of today's top 40 rock quite a few times...

5th April 05, 07:11 PM
Salvation Jayne are one of the top Adelaide bands here in South Australia. Unfortunately the tunes are only small snippets of what they play..


*edit* heh on second thought dont look at the link, they suck! They are not half as good as they used to be :(

5th April 05, 07:33 PM
Their influences are varied... Metallica Nivana etc.

They're really young, ages 18-21, since they got their new bass player things have been clicking really well.

Hurricane Aegien
6th April 05, 02:09 AM

Nylite Skytear
6th April 05, 02:19 AM

my cousins band actually and it is defiently worth a listen. Listen to Spellbind and give some feedback. They reversed two of their songs and that still sounds pretty rad. If any of yall like it, message me and I'll send you more than what is posted.

Nylite Skytear
6th April 05, 02:21 AM

Whatever happened to that other band you were in? And the song sounds pretty good you emo bastard.

6th April 05, 02:31 AM
I hated that crap, but I might feel differently after I give it a listen.

6th April 05, 06:22 AM

The singer actually sounds like less of a pussy live.

Edit: They still suck though.
Edit2: Bwahahahaha! www.satansluts.net

Hurricane Aegien
6th April 05, 12:25 PM
Whatever happened to that other band you were in? And the song sounds pretty good you emo bastard.

Eh, I still play with a couple of other bands from time to time, but Oceana is my main focus at this point given that we're picking up a lot of attention lately.

6th April 05, 02:43 PM
Sounding good there Aeg,

Your cousins band is pretty good as well Nylite...

I suggest listening to the second link of shovelfoot if you only listened to the first one =P

9th April 05, 04:02 PM
havent' checked out those links yet, been pressed for time yesterday and today... but if you all want me to post my electronic music somewhere's as i haven't gotten around to doign so lately then that's cool... might have you all hiding under the bed after a listen though, hehe.... It's basically stuff inspired by everything from Skinny Puppy to Moby to Ministry to Depeche Mode. I used to have mp3's up on mp3.com under the name The Meltdown Process... not sure if they are still there after mp3.com went under construction awhile back... guess i should check =)

ok just checked mp3.com, they don't have it listed, i'll add all of them when i get a chance in the next couple of days. Also did a remix of Wumpscut and a song by Taleb Kweli called Rock On (drum and bass styleez)

9th April 05, 05:02 PM
One of my friends went to school with the guys in .TheDecemberDrive (http://www.purevolume.com/thedecemberdrive).

I think I saw them at a Battle Of The Bands thing and they weren't that good.

I need good local METAL.

9th April 05, 07:02 PM
Is "emo" the hip word? Most bands I hear that are emo sound alot like The Cure etc. Which I always thought was rock/punk/alternative.

9th April 05, 07:27 PM
All Minneapolis bands sucks ass :Like these fruits (http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=3071583&Mytoken=20050402052823)

But hey, Bob Dylan and Prince use to be local!

Donnely McLeod
10th April 05, 06:59 AM

Sounds like a band I hated and still hate; Tool. The Hate still Love bridge/chorus are Toolish and so's the last song Angel Dust. Not saying they sucked, just that I don't like them and don't think they're very imaginative.

Field of Grey:

The color or the name? Gray or Grey? Anyway, didn't get to hear them (Myspace was down).

Section 16:

Good find Joe. I'm not a Prog rock fan, but the Chorus towards the end of Metropolitan God was really good. And at moments he hits reminesciently Anthrax-like octaves; Rewind kicked ass.

Salvation Jayne:

Guess I need to run some plugins or something... couldn't listen.


Is it 1996 again? Did college guys from Charleston Hijack the station? Not my cup of poison; I... think its alright. Didn't really evoke an emotional response (of course, I don't know the lyrics). Emo...

Methmare Motorcade:

The End of Calm had a kinda cool instrumental in the end. Just not very imaginative as far as the rest goes.


They're not my taste, but they're pretty good. They still remind me of alotta modern stuff that borrows all its bridges and riffs and choruses from each other.

Anal Blast:

WTF? What a bunch of crap.

24th April 05, 05:09 AM
had to bump this to see what you guys thought of this band. the guitarist in my band used to be be the drummer for this one.


24th April 05, 11:26 AM
About the coolest band to ever come out of my hometown of Denver is 16 Horsepower. Unfortunately they broke up 2 weeks ago but they stomped much ass. They always seemed to me to sound like equal parts Nick Cave and Tom Waits.


I'd recommend their live album Hoarse as a starting point. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00005JDC9/qid=1114359547/sr=8-2/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i2_xgl15/002-2619922-6775220?v=glance&s=music&n=507846