View Full Version : Ford Focus first impressions

19th January 05, 05:01 AM
I've had my Focus ZX3 for a couple days now and I gotta say I'm thoroughly impressed with how this car rides for the price. It almost fools you into thinking you should have spent more money on the car. Flying around corners with almost no bodyroll, accelerating quickly(once you can keep it above 5000rpm), and just the overall ride comfort and interior is pretty incredible for what I paid.

Only problems I have noticed so far is that during downshifting and upshifting there is kind of a clunky feeling when you let off the clutch...the engine doesn't rev-match the wheels properly when changing gears so you never really get a smooth shift unless you mildly power-shift the car which is hard on the clutch and synchro's. So moving through the gears is a pretty rough ride compared to most newer manuals. However, I am sure when I get an aluminum flywheel and underdrive pulleys that will eliminate most of the rotating mass and let the engine rev up and down much faster. Also this car does not seem to have any sort of limited slip differential. Most modern FWD cars utilize both front wheels during acceleration and cornering. However, the Focus seems to only apply power to the front-right wheel instead of both wheels. Either a bad differential, or it was supposed to be one-wheel drive.

Even with these minor complaints I'd still have to strongly reccomend this car to anyone looking for a cheap car to get around, but doesn't want to feel like they're driving a cheap car. After driving numerous Civic's, Lancers, Eclipses, Neons, and Cavaliers, etc., I just sorta got use to the fact that driving a cheap car, is going to indeed always feel like a cheap car. The Focus drives like it should be out of the mentioned cars price ranges, but it isn't. Buy one of these! Especially if you want a lot of interior room. At least test drive one so you don't think I'm smoking crack.