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9th January 05, 03:54 AM
I made this tonight, my 3rd attempt at this and I have finally perfected it. I haven't posted a recipe in quite a while so I thought I would share it with you all who like to cook.

Chocolate Kahlua Madness

For the cake

1 box Chocolate Cake Mix (I used Duncan Hines, but just about any will work as long as it requires eggs.)
1 box Chocolate Jello Instant Pudding Mix
1 1/2 cup chocolate chips
1 cup Kahlua
2 cups of sour cream
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

The Glaze

1 cup Kahlua
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Combine the cake mix and pudding mix in a bowl. Add the wet ingredients according to the directions on the cake mix box and add one additional egg and the Kahlua. Use an electric mixer and blend the ingredients then fold in the sour cream and chocolate chips. Pour mix into a greased bundt cake pan (the tall kind with the hole in the middle) and bake at 375 degrees for about 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the cake comes out clean. I use a convection oven so my cooking times might be a little faster than a standard oven. Once the cake is done, let it cool for at least an hour then carefully remove it from the pan. Make the glaze by whisking the Kahlua, powdered sugar and vanilla together. Drizzle the glaze over the top of the cake and let it set for about 30 minutes. Cut, eat, enjoy with a cup of coffee with a shot of Kahlua in it. Let me know what you think if you try it.

Yiktin Voxbane
9th January 05, 04:09 AM
That's a lotta Kahlua...

9th January 05, 04:23 AM
That's a lotta Kahlua...

yeah, but it makes a pretty huge cake.

9th January 05, 08:14 AM
I agree with Ragout that Duncan Hines is the best boxed cake mix. Betty Crocker isn't near as tasty.

I have a home convection oven and I love it but you do have to get used to the very fast cooking times! It takes at least 30% off the cooking time as far as I can tell.

9th January 05, 08:18 AM
Sounds great! Reminds me of a Harvey Wallbanger cake recipe my grandmother tried once. The glaze was quite potent!

9th January 05, 08:08 PM
So THAT's what the Convection button on my oven is for. I've got one of the ones with the neon-like halogen lights on the stove for the burners. It's pretty slick.

The wife is at the grocery store now, I'll call her and see if she'll pick up the ingredients. Want to make this damn thing tonight. If you say it's good, I've no doubts.

9th January 05, 08:14 PM
mmmmmmmmmm good.

9th January 05, 08:23 PM
Fucking store doesn't sell Kahlua in small bottles. Have to go to a liqour store.

9th January 05, 08:54 PM
Trust me, With this cake, you'll have to fight back the ladies with a stick.

I just use my magic stick. :hitit:

9th January 05, 09:55 PM
Damn... an entire $7 bottle of Kahlua for that.

9th January 05, 10:31 PM
Well shit, I ran out of Kahlua before I got to the glaze. I'm improvising, going to melt some butter, hershey's chocolate syrup, vanilla, and then let it cool and mix it with some cream cheese for the icing/glaze.

Hope that works... I don't even have an inkling of whether or not the concoction will taste good.

9th January 05, 10:39 PM
For reference, if this turns out well...

Improvized Icing/Glaze

1/2 cup butter
1 cup Hershey's chocolate syrup you found at the back of your fridge
Roughly 1 TBSP of Vanilla, or whatever's left of a bottle of the stuff that's never used
10-15 misc. chocolate chips you'd saved from the real recipie because, like, you never actually get to eat chocolate chips on their own without a fucking cookie around them.
7.5 oz of an 8 oz block of Philly Cream Cheese sitting in the butter drawer.

Melting the first 4 in a saucepan, removing from heat, then wisking in with the cream cheese. God help me.

9th January 05, 11:52 PM
Finished Product:



A few notes:

* Apparently we don't own an electric mixer. Needless to say, it was an endurance trial trying to replicate the same effect with just a wire wisk.

* The "icing" worked out, but I'm not sure cream cheese and kahlua went together that well.

* Ragout rocks.

10th January 05, 12:13 AM
Nice, looks damn good. I'm on vacation at my parent's house and we dusted one in 2 nights, just finished the last of it about 10 minutes ago.

Very nice job Phrack, how did it taste?

10th January 05, 12:53 AM
Killer. Good recipie man.

10th January 05, 09:02 AM
Real men don't use electric can openers.

Yiktin Voxbane
10th January 05, 09:06 AM
Looks Sticky and Damnably nice, I envy thee sir.

10th January 05, 02:38 PM
I'm gonna make that cake tonight to, I'll post a pic if mine > Phrack's

10th January 05, 02:39 PM
Nice, looks damn good. I'm on vacation at my parent's house and we dusted one in 2 nights, just finished the last of it about 10 minutes ago.

Very nice job Phrack, how did it taste?

Couldn't follow up as well as I'd have liked last night... was tired as hell.

Anyway, yeah the cake turned out great even with my bastardized icing concoction. The day after, it's even better. It was still steaming hot when I took those pictures and now it's cooled and the icing actually, miraculously, has a real icing consistancy. Crazy moist, the cake is too.

I had a slice for breakfast (yes, my diet is shitty, STFU). I strongly suggest that anyone with rudimentary cooking skills tries to make this. I'm not a big cake person, much less a chocolate person, but this was just damn good.

10th January 05, 04:36 PM
$20 for a bottle of Kahlua, it better be good! Got all my ingredients now just need the kitchen to be free. And to find the kitchenaid in the attic.

10th January 05, 07:15 PM
Oh man, it's cooking right now, but I filled the bundt pan up to much so the cake so far has risen 1" over the top of the pan, mine will be all weird looking.

10th January 05, 07:19 PM
And there will be a nasty burnt puddle at the bottom of your oven.


10th January 05, 07:51 PM
Did the same to me, but didn't overflow. I took a chopstick and checked it periodically to see if it came out clean. You might have to turn down the heat towards the end of the baking cycle so the edges don't burn.

10th January 05, 08:24 PM
Mine was inedible. I left it in for around 55mins and it never cooked to the point of being edible, when I threw it away it was still doughie. It smelled fantastic throughout the house though, and the 1cup of Kahlua I had set aside for icing I poured into a glass with vodka and milk, mmm.

10th January 05, 08:37 PM
Probably only cookable with a convection oven.

10th January 05, 09:04 PM
I bought all the stuff for this today, I will try it tomorrow night.

11th January 05, 02:43 AM
Damn, sorry Plexor.

I'll try it again without using the convection option but offhand I'd say go with 1 cup of sour cream instead of 2 and 1/2 a cup of Kahlua instead of 1.

I hope the cup of Kahlua and milk made you feel better at least.

11th January 05, 03:45 AM
My cake mix called for 3 eggs, then you wrote add an additional egg, that meant 4 eggs total right?

11th January 05, 10:39 AM
One egg for the pudding mix... or so I reasoned it.

11th January 05, 10:48 AM
Plex you crack me up.

12th January 05, 01:45 AM
Plex you crack me up.

Yes, Plexor, 4 eggs total.

The extra egg is added because otherwise the batter wouldn't rise properly. It's all about heat and the coagulating proteins. Basically the pudding mix and sour cream helps make the cake moist. You could use heavy cream instead of sour cream but I find the slight tanginess of the sour cream melded with the chocolate to be a great flavor. The extra liquid (the pudding/cream) over and above the what the basic mix requires requires more egg protein to keep the cake from going flat. I've tried it with 5 eggs but the cake was too stiff... hard to describe what I mean but the little air pockets in the cake were much smaller and closer together giving a denser cake... One of the reasons I dislike baking from scratch is because baking is the opposite of cooking. With baking, measurements are everything. With cooking, taste is everything. You're either a baker or a cook... I'm a cook and I like to experiment with tastes so that is why I use a cake mix instead of doing the whole damn thing from scratch.

12th January 05, 02:45 AM
I wish I could afford to be a chef, I enjoy cooking, just dont' have the time or the money to fuck around.

Sabore Wallace
12th January 05, 07:33 PM
C'mon Ragout, I want to try this, but waiting for you to post your results on a regular oven first. :)

13th January 05, 03:29 PM
I made one too!

14th January 05, 06:20 AM
I have a goofy question, Ragout!

I figure this would work equally well with white/yellow cake mix, vanilla pudding and some lighter liquour, right? How if at all could it work with angel food mix? I'd guess the fluffiness would be gone, but it might taste pretty interesting. Don't do tons of testing, just wanted your culinary thoughts. Thanks!

14th January 05, 07:50 AM
looks damn good

Yiktin Voxbane
14th January 05, 08:08 AM
Light and fluffy cake.... may want to try some Frangelico (Hazlenut Liquer(sic))

Stay AWAY from the creme de menthe.....

Sabore Wallace
15th May 05, 10:21 AM
Hate to bump old threads, but needed the original recipe to re-post on.

Tried this cake about a month ago (had a party the weekend of the UFC fight whenever that was. Still majorly disappointed in the Chuck/Randy fight- it sucked!).

Anyway, the cake rocked. Was a HUGE success with the party members. My only personal hint is to bake it the day before and let it cool overnight. The next morning every last crumb of this bad boy was gone when everyone woke up and was lookin' for shit to munch on, and everyone agreed that it was much better that morning after it was completely cooled. I'm still getting friends asking me for the recipe so they can make it for their family and shit.

I sent a PM to Ragout before we made this though and asked for suggestions on a non-convection oven and here's the revised add on that he gave me that worked for us.

First, make sure you have a Bundt Cake Pan. This will help it cook evenly. I would also suggest spraying the inside lightly with Pam, and then dust lightly with flour before pouring the batter in.

Second, use half of the Kahlua and half of the sour cream that I specified in the recipe.

I think the Duncan Hines mix calls for a 350 degree oven. This should be good, but if your oven is older, I would go down to about 325 degrees and cook it longer.

Also, don't open the oven and check it more than once. For every second the oven is open, the temp drops by about 5 degrees. You'll probably need to add about 10 minutes of cooking time to whatever the mix box says to account for the extra ingredients. I use long bamboo skewers to check the cake. When the stick inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean, or with little crumbs, it's ready.

I also discovered that mixing Bailey's and Kahlua with powdered sugar for the glaze works quite well too.<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->

We followed his original recipe for the cake with these adjustments exactly. Glaze we tinkered with a little. It was mega runny, so we added a lot more powdered sugar, of course it got clumpy so we had to put it in a sauce pan for a little time to smooth it out. But it turned out GREAT in the end.

Big hit. Just wanted to say "Thanks Ragout" and give him my respect for sharing this.

Figured some of you without convection ovens might like the additional info so you all can try it as well.

23rd August 08, 06:55 PM
Bumping this, because it was a ridiculously awesome recipe.

Sabore Wallace
27th January 09, 12:45 AM
Fuck yeah! I remember this cake now, it's been so long! Ragout is the shit, he still post here anymore? Doubtful I'm sure.

27th January 09, 12:50 AM
Haven't seen him around, sorry.