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17th November 04, 10:47 AM
What have you been listening too!

Eminem - Encore(Spend Some Time and 50 Cent saved this album)
A Perfect Circle - eMOTIVe

17th November 04, 11:26 AM
Cure remixes
Badly Drawn Boy
Nip Tuck soundtrack

17th November 04, 01:58 PM
Pressure CHIEF, damn you. It's so good, isn't it?

Hurricane Aegien
17th November 04, 02:05 PM
Clarity Process (Portland band and dear friends of mine, they're fucking incredible see - http://www.clarityprocess.net)

Hot water music - misc

Alkaline Trio - misc

Keane - misc

Snow Patrol - misc

Jimmy Eat World - Futures

Braid - misc

17th November 04, 02:08 PM
Pressure CHIEF, damn you. It's so good, isn't it?

Everybody loves Cake!

17th November 04, 03:25 PM
The new Cake album is fucking garbage.

17th November 04, 03:30 PM
The new Cake album is fucking garbage.

Silence Infidel!

17th November 04, 05:36 PM
Please refer to their good albums: Fashion Nugget and to a lesser extent Prolonging the Magic.

Donnely McLeod
17th November 04, 06:49 PM
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Metallica - Fade to Black
Metallica - One
Black Sabbath - War Pigs
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
Nine Inch Nails - Head Like a Hole
Danzig - Cantspeak
Danzig - How the Gods Kill
Rage Against the Machine - Wake Up
Guns and Roses - Civil War
Samhain - All Murder
Pink Floyd - Empty Spaces (movie version... very awesome)
Pink Floyd - GoodBye Blue Sky
Danzig - Sistinas
Metallica - Sanitarium
Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven
Led Zeppelin - Lemon Song
Led Zeppelin - Tangerine
Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand
Led Zeppelin - How Many More Times
Guns n Roses - Don't You Cry
Guns n Roses - November Rain
Righteous Brothers - You're My Soul
Black Flag - Rise Above

edit: oh yeah... tons of The Doors.

17th November 04, 06:54 PM
Music is for fags!

Hurricane Aegien
17th November 04, 07:03 PM
I recommend that anyone with an ipod immediately go out and purchase this -


It's fucking brilliant.

Nylite Skytear
17th November 04, 07:50 PM
Dead Poetic, the new cd, fucking awsome

17th November 04, 08:10 PM
Metallica - Sad But True, St. Anger, other various stuff...I have 12 hours of metallica on a playlist :/
Velvet Revolver - Slither
Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
Butthole Surfers - Pepper
Queen - Various stuff
Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket, I will Survive, Nugget, No Phone, Never There
Green Day - American Idiot cd (get this)
And of course, tons of country.

All purchased in a few days for 10 bucks on Napster, yay me.

17th November 04, 09:19 PM
Diecast-Tearing Down Your Blue Skies
Juno Reactor-Bible of Dreams
Meshuggah-Destroy Erase Improve

My music listening time is cut to nearly nothing since I am doing radio again. After I get done with my "work" the last thing I want to do is listen to music.

17th November 04, 09:33 PM
Arch Enemy - Anthems of Rebellion
Fear Factory - Digimortal
Ultraspank - Progress
Kenna - New Sacred Cow
Theatre of Tragedy - Assembly
System of A Down - any album
Nightwish - Once

17th November 04, 10:56 PM
Sure, I'll play.

LOTR: ROTK Soundtrack
Led Zep: the entire collection
Rancid: Ruby Soho, Ring of Fire
Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire
Black Flag: TV Party (recent live remake)
Ice Cube/Korn: Fuck Dying
Mushroomhead: Sun Doesn't Rise
Stemm: Face the Pain (UFC Soundtrack/Official Theme) <--Damn good song if you like hard rock.

Hurricane Aegien
18th November 04, 01:02 AM
Dead Poetic, the new cd, fucking awsome

Just saw them last night with Acceptance heh.

18th November 04, 01:01 PM
Breaking Benjamins - We're Not Alone Here
Celldweller - Celldweller
Cold - Year of the Spider
Future Leaders of the World - Lvl IV
Kidneythieves - Zerospace
Velvet Revolver - Contraband
Gavin Degraw - Chariot
Keane - Hopes and Fears
Ryan Cabrera - Take It All Away
Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane
Switchfoot - New Way to Be Human and The Beautiful Letdown
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Soundtrack
Random No Doubt and Depeche Mode

18th November 04, 01:28 PM
Let me just say that Mayer did a good break in to CTC. No retardation or stupid posts to introduce himself, just sort of started posting.

18th November 04, 02:46 PM
Here's my current playlist:

A praise chorus - Jimmy Eat World
Adam's Song - Blink 182
All My Life - Goo Goo Dolls
American Idiot - Green Day
Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizket
Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
Down - Blink 182
Feeling This - Blink 182
Float on - Modest Mouse
Hurt - Johnny Cash
Hysteria - Muse
I Miss You - Blink 182
Infected - Bad Religion
It's My Life - No Doubt
Los Angeles is Burning - Bad Religion
Mexican Wine - Fountains of Wayne
Mr. Brightside - The Killers
No Phone - Cake
Pain - Jimmy Eat World
Pepper - Butthole Surfers
Reach for the sky - Social Distortion
Run - Snow Patrol
Somebody Told Me - The Killers
Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne
Talk Shows on Mute - Incubus
Time is Running Out - Muse
Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional
We're all to blame - Sum 41
White Trash Beautiful - Everlast


The two bolded songs are totally kick ass and you need to go get them. Now. :p

18th November 04, 02:52 PM
The new Cake album is fucking garbage.
No, Garbage is Shirley Manson, not John McCrea. However, you might be thinking of Hole, which is Courtney Love, and defintely where you should be sticking your garbage.

18th November 04, 03:28 PM
Let me just say that Mayer did a good break in to CTC. No retardation or stupid posts to introduce himself, just sort of started posting.

Appreciate the complement man. I try to keep my retardation to a minimum.

18th November 04, 03:32 PM
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18th November 04, 03:36 PM
Flare got a little emo in him.

18th November 04, 10:22 PM
I do? What part of that is Emo?