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Sabore Wallace
4th September 04, 10:18 AM
So where does everyone get their music from now days? I know there's a lot of sites out there you can pay to download a song and stuff, but which is the best for download speeds, selection, and price?

Also, I lost my old Kazaa Lite program and don't want to pay for the stupid thing, any good file sharing programs that are free still out there?

Sabore Wallace
5th September 04, 11:48 PM
Bah, help me out here. I know you music junkies are getting it somewhere.

I'm downloading iMesh right now, any experiences?

Sabore Wallace
5th September 04, 11:51 PM
Fuck that, read 1/100th of the agreement talking about GAIN ads coming up anytime they want (even when not using said program)... shitty.

5th September 04, 11:55 PM
Try TrustyFiles.
Pretty decent resources without all the spyware crap.

6th September 04, 12:04 AM
Limewire and I-Tunes for me

Sabore Wallace
6th September 04, 12:09 AM
Just got WinMX, it seems pretty good so far. But still open to all comments/suggestions. Also, what about sites to pay for songs?

Yiktin Voxbane
6th September 04, 04:21 AM
You now have WinMX, the search is over.

Hurricane Aegien
6th September 04, 04:26 AM
Man, the new natural cut friees from Jack in the box, are the shit,

6th September 04, 10:47 AM
I either use FTP or actually pay.

Sabore Wallace
6th September 04, 11:34 AM
I either use FTP or actually pay.
.... Yes, but where do you pay to download?

6th September 04, 11:40 AM
A store.

Big Black Hole
6th September 04, 12:35 PM
Who the hell wants to pay to download shitty quality mp3s or wmas

6th September 04, 01:23 PM
Limewire Still free...no ads...can get everything you want. People paying for music are freakin retarded.

6th September 04, 09:14 PM
I still use Kazaa lite

6th September 04, 11:01 PM
Man, the new natural cut friees from Jack in the box, are the shit,
I dunno man, I wish they still had the old style fries...I liked em better. Something about the crunchiness. I'm all for crunchy fries. Now if they would wuit selling the ultimate bacon cheeseburger with all that sauce shit...It jsut bugs me the changes made always seem to interfere with the ratio of grease/everything else within the food....I go there for grease...the tasteiest most delectable grease imaginable, and damn it they are fucking that up. :(

6th September 04, 11:45 PM
I swear by Soulseek and DirectConnect. I've also started using BitTorrent, but generally, any one song I want is on either Soulseek or DirectConnect. BitTorrent takes some tweaking and a decent client (try Azureus) to make it worth it, but it's the tops for downloading whole albums.

7th September 04, 12:40 AM
I pay for my music because I work for the RIAA. :(

7th September 04, 02:20 AM
Yet they pay you below prevailing wages?

7th September 04, 02:39 AM
Whatever program you decide on, use it to download Chris Rock - Never Scared