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23rd July 04, 04:37 PM
Hold On, I'm Coming - BB King and Eric Clapton
30 Days In the Hole - Humble Pie
Sign Of The Storm - Eric Gales
I Need A Lover - John Cougar
Veteran Of Psychic Wars - Blue Öyster Cult
Toe'n The Line - Pride & Glory
Rock N Roll Party In The Streets - Axe
Stevie Salas - Two Bullets And A Gun
Temple Of The King - Rainbow
Diamonds & Rust - Judas Priest
Deja Voodoo - Kenny Wayne Sheppard
Cruise Missile - Steve Morse
MIsunderstood - Motley Crue

23rd July 04, 04:42 PM
Hatebreed - Rise of Brutality
Soilwork - Natural Born Chaos
Kalmah - Swampsong
Dark Tranquillity - Haven

23rd July 04, 07:13 PM
Ash - Star-crossed
The Postal Service - Such great heights
The Postal Service - Nothing Better
Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme
The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk

24th July 04, 03:03 PM
TV on the Radio - Staring at the Sun

26th July 04, 08:36 AM
Lot of Drowning Pool recently.

26th July 04, 09:02 AM
the purr of a 600cc inline 4.

26th July 04, 09:24 AM
the purr of a 600cc inline 4.
die plz

Shorrtee McHeals
27th July 04, 08:16 AM

Sa sa sa, sa sa sa, sa y sa y sa y sa......


27th July 04, 10:38 AM

27th July 04, 12:12 PM
Coheed and Cambria - Secrets of Silent earth 3
Coheed and Cambria - A favor atlantic house
With Broken Wings - A beautiful Tragedy
Senses Fail - Bloody Romance
Senses Fail - Rum is for drinking not burning
Senses Fail - 187
Senses Fail - handguns and Second chances
Modest Mouse - the world at large

27th July 04, 01:01 PM
Megadeth - The System Has Failed

27th July 04, 04:48 PM
Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism (album)
PJ Harvey - Uh Huh Her (album)
Breaking Benjamin - We Are Not Alone (album)


TV on the Radio - Ambulance (yay Voompa!)
Modest Mouse - 3rd Planet
Built to Spill - The Weather
Wilco - Jesus, etc.

27th July 04, 09:44 PM
TV on the Radio - Ambulance (yay Voompa!)

Hey, someone pays attention to stuff I post online! ;)

Hurricane Aegien
28th July 04, 03:47 PM
Hot Water Music - Caution (A) Quite possbly one of the best albums of all time - like top 10.
Hot Water Music - A plane and a crash (A)
Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary (A)
Aesop Rock - Music for Earthworms (A)
Jaw Breaker - Dear You (A)
Small Brown Bike - Dead Reckoning (A)

29th July 04, 02:23 PM
I'd give ya that Clapton and BB, but I still like the Sam and Dave version better, especially when accompanied by the Blues Brothers movie. It just puts you in the mood for R & B.

Now CH, yeah, they got some righteous cuts. Them and Mountian, yeah, ya gotta love a little chicken fried rock outta Dixieland. Ya ever hear Whisky in a Jar by Thin Lizzy?


29th July 04, 09:28 PM
2 Pac - Temptations
Exies - My Goddess
Jay Z - 99 Problems
Mustard Plug - Jerry
Ol Dirty Bastard - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
White Zombie - Thunderkiss 65

29th July 04, 09:35 PM
Roxy Music - More Than This
Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

29th July 04, 10:51 PM
shimmy shimmy ya shimmy yo shimmy yay

Method Man - Tical 0: The Prequel - Act Right
Kayne West and Dirt McGirt - The College Dropout EP - Keep The Receipt
Ill Bill - Necro Presents Brutality Part 1 - Swordfish
Eli Bingham - Memorex - Memorex

30th July 04, 01:31 AM
Coheed and Cambria - Secrets of Silent earth 3
Coheed and Cambria - A favor atlantic house

I liked this band something new interesting vocals and some cool lyrics, danke!

30th July 04, 06:15 AM
Nightwish - Nemo
Nightwish - Bless the Child
Kenna - Redman

30th July 04, 10:06 AM
Man, I can't listen to Nightwish. :( Lacuna Coil > Nightwish.

30th July 04, 10:33 AM
Man, I can't listen to Nightwish. :( Lacuna Coil > Nightwish.
actually, i like Lacuna Coil as well.