View Full Version : DirectTV versus cable?

28th June 04, 01:11 PM
Does anyone have DirectTV instead of cable? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

28th June 04, 01:13 PM
I'd say DirectTV because my cable company has been screwing me this last year, so F Cable, I'll not recommend it for TV to anyone.

Hurricane Aegien
28th June 04, 01:30 PM
I have Dish Network. It rules - I got a free TiVO like device, and they just hooked up with Sirius Satellite Radio, so now I get Sirius in my house and in my car.

The only downfall (and really it isn't a downfall at all) is that all my shows that are not local broadcast channels are on east coast time. This is good because if there's something on at 8 on Discovery or the History Channel, I can watch it at 5, and then watch whatever I normally watch at 8 on my local stations.

28th June 04, 01:51 PM
DirectTV is getting my local channels this year, and they have RFD TV so I am thinking it's a winner. Plus my cable is so expensive.

28th June 04, 01:52 PM
Satellite for TV is excellent. Of course if you have weather, it may get interrupted. DTV is pretty good.

Satellite for internet access STINKS and gives major lag. Went back to cable for that.

28th June 04, 01:53 PM
Staying with the cable for internet, for sure. I don't think you have to buy the cable to get the internet connection.

28th June 04, 01:54 PM
Nope. Each is good for one, but not either. They'll keep TRYING to sell it, but just say no!

28th June 04, 01:59 PM
I'm paying upwards of $140 a month now for my cable service... just ridiculous. The only reason I haven't switched yet is because I've got a dozen things recorded on their DVR that I'm too lazy to transfer to video.

28th June 04, 02:01 PM
direct tv pwns. Go to theme's set it on sports and just hit change channel and all you will see is various sports, bb baseball footbaal hockey UFC wresting, olympic trial bullshit (you know swimming running other summer sports) that themes crap also works for buncha other things, news, special programing ( porn usually but also stuff like a expos's on the cia or soemthing.) movies, action, drama. so basicly whatever type of prog you wanna watch you can make it so you flip through only those. Also have that onscreen shit but meh. I dont know what cable has nowadays but this makes direct tv a big plus imo. that and reliable service and more channels(depending on the "package" you get).

Have never had direct tv be outta service, cable had problems.

28th June 04, 02:49 PM
Adelphia, with like 3 days notice, raised my rates from 80 a month to almost $130 for the same damned thing I'd had for years. It slowly crawled up through the years, $5 here another $10 after a year or two, then all of a sudden, it jumps up to $128 a month. I had them turn me off right then and there and told them to go fuck themselves (after I got a supervisor on the phone, the person answering the phone doesn't deserve my derision).

After they begged to take me back, my bill was cut in half for 1 year, and after that I'll dump them again.

28th June 04, 04:06 PM
If you don't care about sports, Dish Network is the way to go. They are about half the price as DTV and have better customer service (IE - they have some customer service, whereas DTV is openly hostile to it's customers).

Dish is 100x better than cable, and all the bullshit about weather and rain fade is just that... bullshit. If your dish is aligned properly, it has to be a one mother of a heavy storm to knock out the dish. It happens, but MAYBE once a year at worst, at least around here. Cable went out far, far more than that.

28th June 04, 04:33 PM
The GF has DirectTV, I have Cable, we both have 36" TV's. I would rather watch TV at her place because the signal is better, there are many more channels and it's a much better interface.

28th June 04, 05:42 PM
Sorry.. was a pretty bad winter here in the NORTHEAST. In ZERO visibility blizzard conditions, you MAY get interrupted service with satellite.

Of course with cable, all it takes is a tree on a wire somewhere..

28th June 04, 06:02 PM
I pay 78.00 a month for 199 channels and 3mb/down 1mb/up cable. I go through Cox but pretty much anyone can have a good deal if you just call and haggle.

28th June 04, 07:41 PM
Here in Chambersburg, PA, if you walk around the block, you find almost as many DTV dishes as you do houses.

Comcast' advertising strategy seems to be "If an address isn't on our customer database, then send them junk mail". Personally, I think they are wasting their time. Postman bitches about it almost every time I see him.

Sabore Wallace
28th June 04, 09:29 PM
I have Directv, I like it a shitload better than cable. Comcast is my local cable provider and I compared channel lineup and costs of the cable, Dish Network and Directv. Obviously you can tell who won.

28th June 04, 09:34 PM
Books > tv.

Sabore Wallace
28th June 04, 09:36 PM
WOW, I actually agree with Ouden for once on something aside from being a racist bastard.

George RR Martin - Song of Ice and Fire series. r0x0rz~!!!!!! Still creaming myself waiting for the 4th book. :mad:

28th June 04, 09:36 PM
You need to compaire.. I have bad weather and dish was allways blocky or I was searching for signal. The Cable I like better, I have 10 or so hdtv channels, I didnt want to hafta buy the extra dish, and have 2 dishes.
My cable also has I-controll, so i can pick what I want to watch, pause ff, rew, etc. of course not on all channels.
Also dish was charging extra per hd channel, and i had to buy the hd equipment to watch there channel that I was getting charged extra for.

28th June 04, 10:33 PM
I have Comcast. Never had satellite or direct tv or anything like that. What we have is cooler than Aeg, but he won't admit it. ;) He likes the satellite radio stuff now though. Also our TiVo is better than his Tivo-like thing, but I watch way more tv than him so it works.

Hurricane Aegien
29th June 04, 03:26 AM
Oh yeah, you have a real tivo which is definately superior to mine, mine however, was free, which I have no beef about. The only thing I like about cable over Dish Network is on demand.

29th June 04, 09:59 PM
And you don't have the bloop bloop! ;)

30th June 04, 07:45 AM
I'd say go with the bloop bloop!

Yiktin Voxbane
30th June 04, 08:13 AM
Anything that allows Piracy !!


30th June 04, 10:29 AM
Adelphia has treated me well. It may be slightly more expensive than DTV or Dish but, if I were to switch to DTV I would have to get a verizon DSL and I find that a bad trade off. The key with adelphia is to call in and complain whenever you have any internet service failure. About twice a year a get a free month, because they dropped my internet service for a few hours.