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5th March 04, 12:06 PM
I will see any horse movie, or any movie with Viggo, and both together ....I can't type, be back in a minute....

okay. But, the movie is fiction, as Frank Hopkins was complete a total liar. Disney found that out, and supposedly told people the story was based on Hopkin's account, but we still have this review:

You'd think Mortensen would be tired of riding a horse by now -- and sore -- but he's back in the saddle again, this time playing a real guy, cowboy Frank T. Hopkins. (Not that Aragorn isn't a real guy, of course. Settle down, hobbits.)

A famed long-distance rider, Hopkins competed with his mustang, Hidalgo, in a 3,000-mile (4,800-kilometer) race across the Arabian desert in 1890. And he was the unexpected winner, even though he was the first American to take part in the event, known ominously as the Ocean of Fire.

His story has resulted in a big, beautiful film that could have come out 40 years ago, full of horses and camels and scorpions, with blinding sun and brutal terrain. The American underdog is the unequivocal good guy and all the Arabs are baddies in the film, and there's no doubt who will win in the end.

Hopkins did no such thing. It is true he had many people in the 1890s fooled into thinking he did, but just a small amount of research uncovered his tall tales.

Anyway, doesn't matter. I will pay my $8 true or not.

5th March 04, 12:11 PM
I live in Hidalgo County.

Plz 2 make a movie about me, kthx.

6th March 04, 05:14 AM
8 bucks? DAMN.

I hope a drink is included with that.

6th March 04, 10:42 AM
Change your Avatar

Hurricane Aegien
6th March 04, 02:59 PM
Derreck went and sawr it, I'm suprised he didn't post here.

He said it was good.

6th March 04, 05:16 PM
Derreck went and sawr it, I'm suprised he didn't post here.

He said it was good.
Oh yeah. Yeah, I thought it was good, there was hella killing even. And I almost cried on two different parts.

6th March 04, 06:48 PM
heh no movie is historicly accurate, and i dont really care if it is or isnt. Only reason i'm going to see this movie is because my sister is coming for a vist and she loves horses. probably even more then kwill.

Worst movie i ever saw was horse whisperer with my gf at the time, i wanted to pluck my fucken eyes out..

Donnely McLeod
6th March 04, 10:25 PM
I just love Mustangs.

I saw it. I loved it.

6th March 04, 11:00 PM
I just love Mustangs.

You realize I'm going to use this, completely out of context, the next time you mention your Camaro.