View Full Version : MXC on Spike TV

21st January 04, 11:58 PM

This show is funny as hell. I recommend it to everyone. Its some wierd japanese challenge show where they do a ton of odd activities, but Spike seems to have bought them and then dubbed their own words over it all.

Hurricane Aegien
22nd January 04, 12:01 AM

22nd January 04, 12:08 AM
bah, its funny enough for a second thread!!

Hurricane Aegien
22nd January 04, 01:13 AM
I agree! But I thought I'd point out the original. Since the last thread I've started watching this more. It's VERY entertaining.

imported_Solaris Flare
22nd January 04, 02:13 AM
Log drop is the best.

22nd January 04, 02:19 AM
The show is indeed funny. It reminds me of the old USA Up All Night spoofs of the Power Rangers before they ever hit morning tv for kids. Unfortunately, round here they've been rerunning the same five over and over for the last two months.