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Hurricane Aegien
13th January 04, 06:25 AM

Caught On Tape: Man Survives Lion Attack At Zoo
Man Said He Was Ordered By God To Taunt Lions

POSTED: 11:51 AM PST January 12, 2004
UPDATED: 1:04 PM PST January 12, 2004
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- A man survived an attack by a lion at a zoo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it was all caught on tape.

IMAGES: Lion Attack


Lion Attack Caught On Tape

The amateur video shows Lucas Tomas, 22, being attacked by the animal. Tomas scaled a wall and jumped into the lion's pit, then began holding out his jacket as if it were a bullfighter's cape, challenging one of the two lions inside to attack him.

One of the lions reacted by pouncing on the man and knocking him to the ground, then biting him repeatedly.

Tomas was saved when a nearby policeman fired several shots into the air to scare the cat away, giving Tomas the chance to climb out. Tomas, who suffered minor injuries to his hands, arms and face, was taken to a local hospital

According to hospital officials, Tomas says he was ordered by voices from God to go in and taunt the lions.

13th January 04, 06:36 AM
Tomas needs to stop licking toads.

Yiktin Voxbane
13th January 04, 07:26 AM
Nice kitty.....

13th January 04, 11:24 AM
You can always count on wild animals to enforce Darwin's theory, the dumbasses get eaten first.

13th January 04, 02:50 PM
He should have been killed so he could ask God why the hell he told him to do that.

14th January 04, 01:07 AM
God: "No seriously, I'll keep their mouths closed, just like in the bible."


God: "Hahahaha, ur fucking stupid dude"

imported_Solaris Flare
14th January 04, 01:37 AM

Mr Mijailovic is a Swede of Serbian origin. He stabbed the politician as she shopped in a Stockholm department store.

The accused had been receiving treatment for schizophrenia prior to the attack on Mrs Lindh.

When he confessed his crime to police he told them that Jesus had made him stab her.

Damn God always telling people to do bad things.

14th January 04, 01:57 AM
God: "No seriously, I'll keep their mouths closed, just like in the bible."


God: "Hahahaha, ur fucking stupid dude"
Haha sweet masturbating Jesus, that was teh own.