View Full Version : Cat in the Hat Movie?

20th November 03, 12:11 PM
I just read it stars Paris Hilton as a "club goer". Gee, what a stretch.

But I really don't want to take my kid to see it. After seeing the preview where he looks at the kids' mom's picture and it's supposed to be a centerfold, I got really turned off by it. I don't want to have to explain to my son what that's all about. We can save the Playboy discussion for later.

I think it sounds sort of adult in nature, and what's fun about that for kids? Why would the film have a night club scene at all??

"...The filmmakers spent at least $90 million and hired a host of screenwriters (the script is credited to three) to turn the book into a movie." cnn.com

Maybe it's like a cool cult choice.

20th November 03, 12:19 PM
ugh, a host of screenwriters?

Someone needs to read The Foundation by Ayn Rand... committees decisions = asstastic.


20th November 03, 12:27 PM
The Cat in the Hat should be about 2 kids, and a cat wearing a damn hat.

That is all.

20th November 03, 12:54 PM
It would have been much better 'R' rated.

But, it is most likely meant for the ravers and such, that turn children's entertainment, into teenage fashion.

20th November 03, 01:07 PM
I have to agree, Kwill. It certainly doesn't look like a kids movie after having seen that (and it wasn't subtle like Shrek "Big Castle. I think he's compensating for something").

21st November 03, 08:03 AM
Shrek was cool.

This looks dumb. Seuss used words like.. like.. no one else even if they were strange. Look what they did to The Grinch for cryin' out loud!

21st November 03, 10:54 AM
I can't say the Grinch movie was that bad (you want butchered try the Super Mario Bros movie). Ron Howard did a decent job keeping most of the Seuss feel intact (complete with Seussian made up words) and even Jim Carey did a good job as the Grinch.

Mike Meyers... well, he's a funny man but I fear some of his Austin Powers leaked into this one. I'll hold judgement until I see it (likely on video) but it doesn't look good atm.

21st November 03, 11:00 AM
Mike Myers can't hold a candle to Alan Sherman as the Cat in the Hat.

21st November 03, 11:11 AM
Live Action movies are teh sux0rz! I stand firmly by Scooby Doo as proof.

21st November 03, 11:20 AM
He needs to channel "So I married an axe murderer".


21st November 03, 11:31 AM
The Scooby Doo ANIMATED stuff sucked too!

21st November 03, 11:46 AM
Incidentally, they almost made Velma a lesbian in the live action movie (one of the cut scenes was Freddy AND Velma both admiring Daphne as she bent over to pick something up). Would have definitely made it unsafe for kids but what a side plot!

I can't say too much bad about Scooby Doo. It's produced some pretty funny parodies (Rob Lowe on an old SNL as Shaggy was teh win).