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22nd September 03, 06:26 PM
Considering how opinionated everyone on this board is, I figure I can stir up a little turmoil. I'm keeping quiet here.

'Jessica Lynch' on Script 11'
"We've been through probably 11 scripts since we started," reports actor Nicholas Guilak, who is playing Iraqi attorney Mohammed Odeh Al-Rahaief in NBC's "Saving Jessica Lynch" TV movie. "They're trying to say it's as factual to real events as possible, so every time new information comes to light, there's a change."
Filming is pushing along near Dallas, with plans calling for the telepic to air during November sweeps.

As things as evolved -- with the real Jessica Lynch declining to contribute to the movie about her rescue from an Iraqi hospital after the ambush of her convoy during the early days of the Iraq war -- Guilak's role has become more important. The network, after all, did manage to secure rights to the saga of the lawyer who helped U.S. forces rescue the blond teenage soldier.

"He was a little skeptical about the whole thing, a little scared," reports Guilak. "He still has family in Iraq, including his sister-in-law, a doctor who actually worked on Jessica Lynch at the hospital. All this is overwhelming for him. He definitely deserves to be called a hero what this guy did was unreal! We take life so for granted living in this country. We're not used to living in fear, to seeing people get shot."

Guilak is well aware that many are already looking at "Saving Jessica Lynch" as no more than a crass grab for ratings. "I hope they'll at least watch it before they criticize it," he says. "I think they'll have a change of heart when they see the film. It's about ordinary people in an extraordinary situation and how humanity prevails."

22nd September 03, 06:28 PM
I hope there are tits.

Tigerstorm Starweaver
22nd September 03, 06:31 PM
I hope there are tits.

She'll do playboy soon enough.


Yiktin Voxbane
22nd September 03, 08:10 PM
I agree with all Merauk has had to say here.

23rd September 03, 12:43 AM
Playboy is the next big step. I cant wait to see Britney Spears.. i know its just a matter of time.

23rd September 03, 12:45 AM
Hell with that nasty skank. I hope she dies.