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3rd August 03, 01:22 PM
What do you guys think about the recent superhero flixs?

3rd August 03, 01:36 PM
Spider-Man was good.

Daredevil I thought was just about as good as Spider-Man, even with the fact that I don't like Ben Affleck

The Hulk I liked a lot, even though it seems to be about 50/50 between people loving it or hating it with not really much middle ground.

First X-Men was good, but a bit slow because of all the introductions, X2 was super good.

Blade 1 was really good, and I haven't as of yet seen Blade 2.

I have high hopes for the Punisher and hope they don't dick it over by getting pussy with blood and things like that.

3rd August 03, 01:39 PM
I don't agree with Ouden.

The only recent comic movies I've liked were the X-Men ones.

3rd August 03, 01:46 PM
Spiderman was really good. Looking forward to the sequel.

Haven't seen Daredevil yet. Ben Affleck is gay so not really sure I'll see it unless a friend rents it.

The Hulk sucked ass. Too much boring dialogue and the action scenes were :goofy:

X-men 1 was pretty good while X-men 2 ruled. I hope they plan on making a 3rd one and introducing new characters.

Blade 1 and 2 were both alright. I didn't even know there were Blade comics although I haven't read any X-men, Hulk, Daredevil, or Spiderman comics either!

3rd August 03, 02:09 PM
I agree with everything said and just have to add that in Spiderman Mary Jane had to be a Supermodel type. Femka Jensen(Jene Gray in X1 and X2) would have been great pick or somone like her.

Hulk they fucked up on origin and Bruce Banner had to be more whimpy looking.

Daredevil they totally fucked up on the casting and story.

Like Ouden said I hope they don't fuck up on Punisher and I hope they decide to make a Marvel Man flick.

3rd August 03, 02:14 PM
Spiderman was ok. I don't think Toby makes a good Spiderman though.
Haven't seen Hulk or Daredevil, but I have no use for Afleck so I probly won't bother seein it.
X-men was good for when it came out, but can't compare it to X-2. The best thing about X-2 is they let Wolverine kill people.
I didn't even know they were makin a Punisher movie...any links?

3rd August 03, 02:22 PM

3rd August 03, 03:15 PM
The main problem I have with the movies is their departure from traditional comic character origins. This tends to kill interest in people who haven't seen these for the first time.

I enjoyed Blade and Blade II, though despite the departure from the comic storyline. The choreography in II's fight scenes and theme was a major improvement I thought despite the obvious difference between the movie and comic 'reapers'.

X-Men was good as well. However, I felt the portrayal of Logan was too laid back given the chronology of the movie. He needed to have been a lot fiestier and meaner. He was far too composed and collected. Again, lots of divergence from the comic themes and plotlines but nothing completely unacceptable.

The rest I haven't seen yet, but I do look forward to the re-presentation of the Punisher. Imho, the first movie didn't do the cartoon justice.

Sabore Wallace
3rd August 03, 04:29 PM
Surprising no one even mentioned their comments on Spawn.

3rd August 03, 04:34 PM
Disneyland Rides -- > Movies So far theres two! Haunted Mansion comes out next year?

3rd August 03, 05:04 PM
Yeah Spawn movie/comic became lame also!

3rd August 03, 05:21 PM
Umm was that Henry Rollins as the Punisher, i couldn't get a good luck on his face-either way that would rule.

3rd August 03, 06:00 PM
The thing about the x-men that makes it good to me is there is a good x-men universe (and the movies are great, too, of course). But when you can enjoy the world the comic character lives in, it makes the movie a lot more interesting to me.

3rd August 03, 06:35 PM
X-Men 1 & 2 were good. Spider man was good also.

Daredevil was lame. And Hulk was toooooo unreal. The animation was all off.

Blade 2 was a lot better then the 1st. Both were good movie.

3rd August 03, 07:29 PM
What else does 15 foot green monster look like?

No that wasn't Henry Rollins, believe his name is Thomas Jane or something like that.

Shorrtee McHeals
3rd August 03, 08:04 PM
John Travolta and Rebecca Stamos are gonna be in The Punisher, cool.

3rd August 03, 08:17 PM
Nick Cage is going to be Johnny Blaze AKA Ghost Rider in the upcoming movie....I can picture him as Ghost Rider, but I hope they dont fuck it up.

3rd August 03, 08:32 PM
Preacher movie.

That is all.

3rd August 03, 08:41 PM
The day they make a deadpool movie i'm gonna be excited about seeing a comic based movie.

Spider-man was just barely bareable.

The Hulk was a gigantic hunk of green crap.

xmen movies were good, the second obviously better than the first.

Daredevil was so god awfully crap i should have seen the signs and given hulk a miss.

Oh - and i liked the spawn movie.

3rd August 03, 08:49 PM
Spider-Man fucking sucked. Willem Defoe saved that movie.

3rd August 03, 10:56 PM
The Spawn movie would have been 100x better if they went with a R rating.

IMO the movie sucked ass compared to the 3 season animated Spawn they had on HBO. It's too bad they stopped just before some of the good stuff.

4th August 03, 12:51 AM
Darren Aronofsky was suppose to remake the gritty and darker upcoming Batman Trilogy but it seems like they cut him loose because his vision of The Dark Knight was to Dark?

That is totally lame reason mainly because Batman comics have a dark atmosphere to them.... they should'nt have him murdering people(Batman never would), but it should have a dark background and Rated R also.

4th August 03, 02:10 AM
Punisher (1989)

A shadowy, invincible fighter against evil lives for total revenge on his mob enemies. The avenging angel of MarvelŠ Comics fame comes brilliantly to life in this action thriller.

You mean they are making the Punisher, again....

4th August 03, 02:15 AM
Ah goddammit, I was looking forward to the Darren Aronofsky Batman movies.