View Full Version : Need Help with Movie Title

12th July 03, 11:48 AM
Last year in Film Studies we watched a sort of musical/documentary and I can't quite remember the name.

It starts out in a Buddhist temple, has a scene where thousands of little chickens are being shoved through a massive assembly line machine, watches the stars over Texas I believe, shows muslims praying during a special holy day, shows people going about there day somewhere in Asia (sped up considerably), etc.

I think the name is one word, but for the life of me just can't remember.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

12th July 03, 01:22 PM
Howard The Duck

12th July 03, 01:32 PM
Earth, Wind, Fire

12th July 03, 03:17 PM
Men in Black...who like to have sex with each other

12th July 03, 06:41 PM
It wasn't Kundun was it? I've never seen the movie, so I don't know the plot points of it.