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25th June 03, 01:12 AM
Well its been awhile since I've done one of these. I was going to do the X TV series, but I'm going to wait to watch it all before final judgement.

So why not do the released on DVD just now Cowboy Bebop: the movie?

I'm sure that if you're an anime fan, you've watched Bebop. Heck, even if you're not an anime fan, you've probably watched it on Adult Swim. It was a great show. So is this a great movie as well? Lets see...

First of all, the film takes place during the series (if you've seen the show completely, you'll understand why it doesnt take place after), so all the crew is together in their disfunctional glory. It opens with a pretty amusing bust on a small time bounty in a grocery store that they're doing just to pay the bills. Not wanting to stress themselves, they pick another small fry hacker on Mars worth about 5 million wulongs. When Faye heads off to nab the guy, the truck the suspect is supposed to be inside pulls over to the side of the road. A mysterious guy in a trench coat steps out (who looks alot like Spike with bad grooming habits), then moments later the truck explodes in a ball of flame and smoke. The guy then vanishes.

Faye returns back to the Bebop a little annoyed, but is then informed by everyone else that the news is reporting it was a possible chemical/biological attack. Since Faye was in her ship, she was ok. But apparently everyone else nearby was killed by the microscopic killer. So Faye is suddenly the only person who actually saw the man from the truck. In typical Bebop style, all the characters go about trying to get leads in their own special fashions. Meanwhile the city officials are baffled at what is causing the deaths, as they cant find any virus or chemical traces inside the people who died or are dying.

Spike eventually gets a good lead, and they discover the "virus" is actually a nano-weapon hidden inside normally beneficial cells. They also discover the man from the truck is named Vincent and was ex-millitary...however, all the records show him as deceased. The crew soon finds themselves in some pretty top secret doo-doo as can be expected, as this problem may delve much deeper then a simple madman out to kill everyone.

Animation: A tad better then the actual show, which had some very good animation. The fight scenes play out alot more fluently though...there's some seriously detailed asskicking in this flick.

Story: It plays out pretty much like a really long Bebop episode, which is good. The story does pan out a bit like you would expect it too, and the whole end scene is ripped straight from the 1st Batman flick ;) They do leave some things unresolved though, unlike alot of the Bebop episodes where they would usually tie up loose ends or at least close off a threat to the crew so they could focus on the core story character drama.

Characters: You know em and love em, and they're all here. Not much needs to be said ;) The new comer Electra does good in the role of the heroine. She kicks some ass the way Spike likes it ;p Vincent also plays the brooding badass villain very well. Seriously, this is the first time you'll see Spike -really- get his ass kicked. They also toss in some cameos, like the 3 old dudes and the medicine man.

Sound: The music is mostly Bebopish...the jazz and light pop. There are a few songs that didnt seem to mesh well though, like the opening theme and when Spike is searching. I guess thats usually a problem in movies...bands always want a piece so they toss in some vocals. Otherwise the film makes good use of your Dolby surround. Plenty of gunshots, glass breaking, explosions, and punches.

The DVD has some special features, like an interesting bit on how they made the movie. They also have some story-board/final version comparisons and character bios.

Overall, if you liked the show, you'll like the movie. Even if you havent seen the show, the movie isnt so disorienting where a newbie would be lost. It has a good balance of action, humor, drama, and philosophy. The scene of Spike fighting with the Broom and Ed Trick-or-treating alone makes the movie worth a watch ;p I recommend this movie to any Bebop fan or to anyone who might be interested in Bebop.

25th June 03, 02:42 AM
Eds cool as fuck.
Yeah, Spike got owned on that tower =P

25th June 03, 09:33 AM
I like the series but man, the action-to-everything else ratio in this movie was not what i had hoped. Also... they ALMOST give you a titty shot of Faye but some sorta crazy physics hold her shirt on. This was disapointing. That is all.


Poor Ein, so special, so unappreciated.

25th June 03, 10:30 AM
Haha I know what you mean Felo...that top musta been glued on cause she's rolling around and that shirt wasnt moving ;)

And yea, Ein is the real brains behind everything. I always loved that episode where Ed cant crack the data then Ein does it for him hehe ;P

25th June 03, 11:10 AM
But Ed's a girl :silly:

Good stuff tho Cyb. Was curious what the movie was like. As an amusing side note the new Adult Swim uses text boards and one of them was complaining that Dallas got the CB movie but not Atlanta (where CN is based) despite them having been the ones to introduce CB to the masses. One of life's little ironies I guess.

25th June 03, 01:47 PM
Oops...I did say him, didnt I?

Thats actually one of the funny gags in the movie. Gay crossdresser + ed = wacky hijinx!!