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8th March 03, 09:02 PM
Please for the lub of jebus help me here lol, this question has sat idle for a week :P

I have a troubleshooting question.
Ever since I dyed my barbie's armor, if i use luclin graphics his breastplate/arms/legs dont show up at all. As well randomly i sometimes can't seem them on other people as well. I haven't changed anything on my system recently, running a geforce ti 4200.

Anyway that is the problem of the moment :P

11th May 04, 01:16 PM
This is probably related to the dx9 upgrade the completely fucked every model
in the game. Some shit is all bright and some shit is all dark. Robes dont show
up dyed at all on lowrez.

Enjoy covert beta testing for eq2 code in a five year old game that should after
all these fucking years be remotely stable.