View Full Version : Name this movie!

Valde Fandango
5th March 03, 06:00 PM
I been thinking of this movie I liked but vaugely remember, it was about this high school and this principal woman who had a metal claw for a hand and a black rot wiler or something, she had 2 lacky security gaurds that thought she was a lesbian. I don't remember much about the plot but the school was turned into a prison sorta with barb wire around the gates etc. It's from the 80's, bunch of kids, a versatile group the story revolved around, there was a dance that this kids band crashed a played at, and a food fight, thanks.

5th March 03, 06:23 PM
Rock n Roll High School?

5th March 03, 06:24 PM
I want to say Rock and Roll High School but Im not totally sure. Sounds like maybe you have two movies mixed together?

Valde Fandango
5th March 03, 06:47 PM
Rock and Roll High School sounds right.

5th March 03, 07:24 PM
Sounds like a movie that'd make a retarded guppie drool and twitch spastically anyway.