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25th January 03, 12:15 AM
Seems a few folks round here play some music. Any of yall ever tired this, or know someone who has?


Just curious really. I used to play a little clasical, 12 string mostly, but I got an old '76 sg firebrand sitting in the closet collecting dust. It's a shame to have something like that and not play it, but getting a respectable stack for it is outta the question.

25th January 03, 12:19 AM
Seems you have to sign up for their service in order to get it to work.

Just get a little Crate, you'll prolly spend the same ammount. You're not going to be playing to crouds any time soon, right?

25th January 03, 05:25 AM
Originally posted by Aaranar
I got an old '76 sg firebrand sitting in the closet collecting dust.

Die :(

Hurricane Aegien
25th January 03, 03:12 PM
Yeah, owning a Gibson and not playing it is sinful - not playing it and letting it collect dust is just plain wrong.

How much do you want for it? heh.

25th January 03, 06:59 PM
I tried a crate g-20, also a rockman. Neither had the sound I was looking for, though the rockman is quite nice. From what I read you don't need to use the service to get the stack and effect emulations, just for the lessons and music. I'll double check to be sure though.

I can't sell it, to me it's priceless. Collecting dust was probably misleading. I keep it in tune and belt out some blues every now and then, but I can't play it like or as often as it deserves to be played; my training was different and time is usually a luxury I don't have. So, in my mind it's essentially collecting dust and not getting played. I'll probably keep it in shape and hand it down to my nephew if he keeps up his interest in guituar. Never fear that it's not being well taken care of, that would be a true sin and I really would sell it before I let that happen.

Just cuz you said that Dez, everything on it's original down to the Bigsby tremlo. :D

Hurricane Aegien
25th January 03, 07:06 PM
Heh, just do what we just did. Get brand a new Line 6 Vetta Combo.

You'll never use another amp in your life.

25th January 03, 09:44 PM
Heh... My roomates at UCI when i attended there a few years back busted my amp lol...

So much for ever learning how to play the guitar =\

My Gibson just sits on the corner of my appartment up here in Santa Barbara heh... I don't even know how to tune the thing lol =P

Found a pic!


I'd love to learn how to play, but i never find the time heh... I bought a wall mount for it though, figured it make a good decoration in my room heh...

25th January 03, 09:48 PM
when were you at uci punkass?

25th January 03, 10:07 PM
Like 3 years ago... Fall of 1999 - Spring 2000

Only went to UCI 1 year... Much h8 for that school.

Been living in Santa Barbara ever since.

25th January 03, 10:10 PM
Epiphone /= Gibson

25th January 03, 10:57 PM
I dropped mine and broke it :(

26th January 03, 12:17 AM
My first guitar was a 78 or 79 Gibson S1. It was the bestest ever, but my step dad got mad at me and tossed it down the stairs. It split down the middle :(

26th January 03, 01:22 AM
Originally posted by Derreck
Epiphone /= Gibson

OMG it says gibson on the guitar!

I told you i don't know shit about them =P

26th January 03, 04:56 AM
Originally posted by eFFIX
OMG it says gibson on the guitar!

I told you i don't know shit about them =P

Epiphone is like a subsidiary of Gibson. Sort of like Squier is to Fender. Epi makes essentially Gibson "knockoffs," though I really hate to use that word. Epiphone makes really really decent guitars, and for awhile there, they made nicer stuff than Gibson was at the time.

Hurricane Aegien
26th January 03, 05:45 AM
Epiphone's are not made in the US. Epiphone's generally have inferior pickup's. Epiphones are constructed of different woods, and are generally not unibody construction (Or always not, I've never seen one that's unibody, but I don't know for certain.). They're not knockoffs in any sense, they're the real deal, just with different hardware, and constructed in another country essentially. You can equip a Epiphone with a pair of Gibson 57 classic pickups and it would sound just as good as it's $3000 dollar 57 reissue counterpart.

Speaking of pickups - having owned two Epiphones and One Gibson, I can tell you that the only difference that I've ever been able to detect between them is the pickup quality on my Epiphone Les Paul VS. my Gibson Les Paul - the Gibson pickups were far more defined, and clear, even still the Epiphone sounded about 10 times better than any strat I've ever played / owned. The only other difference I could detect was that the Gibson name on the headstock raising the price about 500 dollars right off the bat.

I currently own a Epiphone Acoustic Electric that I absolutely adore, it's even a synthetic wood and it's one of the best sounding Acoustic Electrics I've ever played. Recently the front man of my band picked up a Gretsch New Jet instead of the (Gibson) Les Paul studio we were eyeballing and we've found that the sound quality is about 100 times superior to the more expensive Les Paul, the action on the guitar is brilliant and theres absolutely zero noise that emits from it, after playing this guitar so many times, I don't think I'll ever buy another Les Paul.

26th January 03, 02:47 PM

Way to complicated =(

I bought the guitar off a friend of mine, who after playing it like 3 times decided the guitar wasn't expensive enough, and shelled out like 10k on some expensive solidbody electric, and a ton of really fuckin cool sound system equipment....

Was a pretty good deal cuz I got the Guitar/Amp for only $500...

I dunno what pickups are in the guitar atm, cuz he said he changed out the original ones for something else... They say "Seymour Duncan" on the pickups, whatever brand that is heh...

The Guitar is about 6-7 years old now, so have no idea how dated the equipment is, or etc... All i know is it sounded good when someone who knew how to play it plugged it in :)

I still someday would like to learn how to play heh... Just need to find some lessons or something heh...

Hurricane Aegien
26th January 03, 03:18 PM
The guitar is a relativly simple instrument if you know any basic music theory.

Check out this site Effux, there's some decent stuff on there as far as learning goes. http://www.donnybravos.com/ Work through scales to develop finger dexterity and co-ordination. This place has a boat load of tabs, http://www.guitaretab.com. Tabs are good learning aids because you can listen to the music and play along with it.

Oh, and the brand of your pickups, is Seymour Duncan... Dumbass :P.

Hurricane Aegien
26th January 03, 03:27 PM
Oh yeah, it's probably best to explain tabs..

Tabs work like this -


That's the layout of your guitar as you look down on it. The thickest string is your first and lowest E, the second thickets is A, the next thickest D, all the way to the thinest and high E.

Numbers are placed on the lines to show you where to put your fingers, if a 0 is on the line it means to play it open, for example


This is a G chord, you'd place your pinky on the high E, on the 3rd fret, you'd place your ring finger on the low E on the 3rd fred, and you'd place your middle finger on the second fret of your A string (people place this chord differently, you can do it leaving your pinky off and doing your ring finger on the high E, middle on low E and pointer on A) and you'd strum all of the strings, playing the ones marked 0 without having pressing down on any frets.

Right, I gotta go do some shit, so I won't explain it all, this FAQ will do it for me - http://www.donnybravos.com/ndlessonarchive.php?go=download&path=.%2FPlaying+Guitar&file=Tab+Notation .

26th January 03, 04:04 PM
Originally posted by Aegien

Oh, and the brand of your pickups, is Seymour Duncan... Dumbass :P.

OMG thats not what I meant =\

I know thats the brand... More like i dunno if there good or not =P

26th January 03, 04:06 PM
yeh i had a few books on learning tabs and etc... And at one point downloaded some tabs off the net...

My roomate at UCI was a decent guitar player, and he tried to teach me some shit, but i never really got around to doing it, was always playing EQ instead =P