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19th November 02, 04:22 PM
Music Player tips

We came up with a few tips and comments about using the Music Player. Here are some hints that may help:

- You can use wildcards when specifying files to load. For example, if you click "Add", browse down to C:\MyMusic, then type "*.mp3" in the edit window portion of the File Selection Window, then click "Ok", the Music Player Window will attempt to add all files in the C:\MyMusic directory that end in mp3.

- When saving playlists, be sure to put the .M3U extension on the filename or you won't be able to load it again. When loading files, the Music Player looks at the extension to determine what kind of file it is, and won't load files of types it doesn't recognize.

- When first opening the File Selection Window, you may notice a delay while the code determines which drives on your system are valid.

- While songs continue to play during zoning, no song can begin during zoning. The Music Player will continue with the next song when you zone in.

- When the Random button is depressed, the playlist is scrambled. Un-pressing the Random button will revert the list back to its original order for ease in finding certain listings. Pressing Random again will re-scramble the list in a new "random" order.