View Full Version : hurt this guy please #1764

18th November 02, 05:31 PM
he actually blocked my attack .. i was milking him for all he was worth. he was actually paying out well.

18th November 02, 07:31 PM
Spent a few turns on him.

By the by, he has 0 spies, and not many troops.

18th November 02, 07:43 PM
yah .. he nuked me ..so i nuked / bio'd / emd'd him .. then attacked him 20 times .. and some reason he was able to block 1 attack from me =\. anyway continue to hurt him please .. hes got to learn nukes arent the way you attack someone whos higher than you.

18th November 02, 08:26 PM
using spys:

Your operatives have spreaded a deadly disease into ssj4joshua (#1764).

Your operatives destroyed the following missiles of ssj4joshua (#1764):
Military Missile
Biochemical Missile
Emd Missile

You were able to cause 1,575 troops to flee ssj4joshua (#1764)'s army.

Thats with my lowest ranked guy, once i get some more turns, i will do more dmg.

19th November 02, 01:06 AM
OMG He's a DBZ fag, kill him on principal.

19th November 02, 01:10 AM
Was your readiness way down?

19th November 02, 01:15 AM
quite possiably
didnt even thinka bout that.

19th November 02, 04:39 AM
Thats probably it. If you attacked him several times with out giving your army a rest your rediness was too low to succeed again.