View Full Version : Sleep, a poem by Valde.

Valde Fandango
18th November 02, 12:18 AM
Sleep, it's what I need
It's what i've been wanting for weeks
I can not get it, I lay there and stare

Iv'e taken 20 tylenol PM's in the day
This isn't worki9ng, nothing is
Haunted by my nightmares while im awake

When will it end, please god say now
I cry every time I think of my pain
Lies run rampant whenever i'm awake
Let me sleep, let this end, for today

This world is so difficult
Dreamland makes me happy, so simple
Thats what I need, what I crave
Let the sleep come, let the pain end, let me drift away...

Nylite Skytear
24th November 02, 03:33 AM
my advice to u Valde. If u ever want to be published, Imagrey is huge, i want, hell i need to see every fuck image u make. trust me on this :)