View Full Version : Next Round Tag

17th November 02, 05:47 PM
Can only be letters or numbers in name.

So CTC. is out.

So just go with CTC Boobelonia

Valde Fandango
17th November 02, 06:50 PM
When can we sign up? After it starts or can we do it now?

17th November 02, 07:25 PM
When next round starts you'll recreate or make new empires.

17th November 02, 08:10 PM
CTC Ener it is then.

if this round was sposed to finish on the 15th and they extended it by a week, does that mean this round finished on the 22nd now?

17th November 02, 11:48 PM
Last day is 23rd I believe.

18th November 02, 12:58 PM
Nevermind this guys, my friend is a retard. The CTC. does work