View Full Version : 625, no spies haha

Nylite Skytear
16th November 02, 08:41 PM
this guy has like 300 spy tech and 0 fucking spies,

Spies 0
Troops 217,838
Jets 261,929
Turrets 406,990
Tanks 332,655
Nuclear Missiles 0
Biochemical Missiles 0
Military Missiles 0
EMD Missiles 0

he's got no missles because of me, he's got a nice size army, but my spies are going to take care of that, his rank is 172, has almost 5K worth of wep tech and 2.5K of warfare, the rest is under 1.5K and 396 SDI :D okay i am going to fuck with him now for revenge, ciao =)

16th November 02, 11:25 PM
Well, he now has 50k tropps only and maybe 10k oil left, although he has 200k+ jets and 300k+ tanks. BUT NO OIL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Nylite Skytear
16th November 02, 11:26 PM
hehe nice :D

Valde Fandango
16th November 02, 11:44 PM
Does that mean he cant defend himself?

17th November 02, 12:18 AM
Nope, he can still defend. He's loseing shite loads of units for each of my mini-attacks though. Send 50k/50k/50k lose 151, he loses 11,000

17th November 02, 04:09 AM
rofl gg medical

17th November 02, 06:58 AM
well, he don't do a very good job of deffending himself, anyways :p

3 .. (4?) standard strikes through, mainly just piggy-backing because i need land for oil rigs basically. got a good lot now, tommorrows turns for building up oil and then i think it's time to lay the smack down on #1108

17th November 02, 10:35 AM
Troops 16,677 was 73,970
Jets 25,865 was 250,228
Turrets 270,503
Tanks 224,872
Nuclear Missiles 0
Biochemical Missiles 0
Military Missiles 0
EMD Missiles 1

He also only has like 681 oil now. someone else had gotten rid of all that before I removed all those troops and jets. :D

He's down to 595k net worth now. Have fun with em.