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15th November 02, 07:34 PM
Alright, we need a show of hands of who all will be wearing the CTC tag next round.

I will personally be using 4 accounts all with the CTC name attached.

Another thing, we should decide how we want to "uniform" the name I guess. Either like in eq with <CTC>, CTC:, CTC-, |CTC|, (CTC), or what not. Personally I like <CTC>, but whatever the majority thinks.

Random Stuff:
1.) Make sure on your *FIRST* turn you change your tax rate to 60% or whatever you want, and then build Residential areas for the next 6-7 turns; you will only lose about 600 of the 1,000 people you start with. And you can grow from there.

2.) No in-fighting. We want to get up in the rankings, and there are several other factions we will be at war with as we do so. No need to fight each other, no matter if someone won't cyb0r you or something. There is a big faction called the Elites that have about 40-50 accounts between them, so I'm sure this will provide plenty of action.

3.) Try not to get spread out fighting 500 different people or stirring up other factions we may not know about.

4.) Jets are weaker than you think, look into it.

5.) Get allied together fast, get as many people allied together as possible for protection and progression. If you don't have allies try to find someone else that doesn't have them. The sooner we get these allies ready, the better off we'll be.

6.) If you stop at 99 turns taken, and let 78(36) build up, no one can attack you while that happens. Then you can build up fast with those 78 turns once you do come unprotected.

Anyone else with any other tips/hints want to add in, please do so. And also list your Empire names that will be using the CTC tag so that we can see who all plans on being together.

Hurricane Aegien
15th November 02, 07:41 PM

So, I will be CTC.Vacaville

And I'm (obviously) in.

15th November 02, 07:43 PM
I will be wearing the tag on 2 accounts, and a friend of mine as well (if thats cool) .

My names will be Shalank and Utagyln, with our decided CTC prefix on each.

Valde Fandango
15th November 02, 08:09 PM
/cry Cant I just play a game?

15th November 02, 08:40 PM

I'm in with 2 accounts <CTC>Sincity and <CTC>Fasterthanlight


15th November 02, 09:10 PM
CTC-Oblivion here

15th November 02, 10:43 PM
Im in, will be <CTC>D-monlord and <CTC>Death to Stinky

15th November 02, 10:43 PM
Originally posted by Valde Fandango
/cry Cant I just play a game?

Who said you couldn't?

15th November 02, 11:21 PM
CTC.Kartian Alliance

I like the CTC. prefix.

16th November 02, 12:50 AM
CTC.Ener probably, and i'm deffinetly in.

Calmari Waverider
16th November 02, 12:55 AM
I'll be in with Squidlandia and Fizznot...and i really dont care on what CTC convention we use

Nylite Skytear
16th November 02, 01:31 AM
<CTC> The~Dego~Rabbi

16th November 02, 02:35 AM

Having arrow brackets around a clan tag is gay. Simple but elegant period will suffice.

16th November 02, 02:37 AM
Count me in, and i like CTC- or CTC.

16th November 02, 03:47 AM
CTC.Shake at your service.

16th November 02, 03:59 AM
Change the forum name to CTC.Ultimate Empires

16th November 02, 04:58 AM
CTC.Hotopia I suppose then. :)

16th November 02, 05:52 AM
I just ran down the street to get something to eat like 20 minutes ago, I got these donuts. Pumpkin Spiced Krispy Kreme donuts :D mmm

16th November 02, 07:19 AM

A good thing to do is fill up your research alliances early. They're cheap in cost, and a few extra points here or there adds up.

16th November 02, 10:18 AM
cant wait to see the top 10 rankings filled with CTCers. wont that send out a message

16th November 02, 10:54 AM

16th November 02, 04:17 PM
I'm in. CTC.Albatross and possibly another from my work address for daytime fun.

And thanks for the tips.. woulda saved me some trouble in the first one. :)

17th November 02, 04:33 AM
cant wait to see the top 10 rankings filled with CTCers. wont that send out a message

That we're the self-reffering champions of the western hemisphere? :D

Valde Fandango
17th November 02, 04:36 AM

Oscarr The Grouch
17th November 02, 09:58 AM
i'd like to join ya CTC.MA7R1X

17th November 02, 01:29 PM
I'd prefer going <CTC> but I guess CTC.Alefia will work for me, don't want to look that different.

17th November 02, 01:38 PM
Misato :(

Shorrtee McHeals
17th November 02, 09:23 PM

17th November 02, 10:32 PM

17th November 02, 11:51 PM
Refer to my thread next round tag, as far as I know periods aren't allowed in names. So probably just have to do CTC Boobelonia and the like

18th November 02, 08:54 AM
I'll be in. Names undecided at this time.

18th November 02, 12:59 PM
Nevermind my last post guys, the CTC. does work in front of your name, my friend is a retard and was talking about usernames not empire names.

Nylite Skytear
18th November 02, 01:31 PM
hmmm maybe i'll do CTC.Sage in honor of my FF1 sage on here :D

18th November 02, 01:59 PM

18th November 02, 05:12 PM
FF1 kicks serious ass. i mean, look at the awesome graphics

21st November 02, 01:19 PM

I'm in.

21st November 02, 05:38 PM
CTC-Legion of Fcukpigs

And Im definetely in.

EDIT : Idea to start a thread on who might want to specialize in what areas ... ie intel, assault, defence and espionage? Also whom as you referred, will ally with whom to provide intelligence alliances and such, just so everyone gets a date for the prom dance :)