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Valde Fandango
13th November 02, 06:30 PM
It's almost over, the days end is near
Hours ago you woke with jeer
Looking forward to lifes random events
Dont worry it's almost over ladies and gents

As the day winds down you eat your last meal
You get ready for bed, put away those heels
Brush your teeth and take a shower
Make love to your other, as you run over them with a flower

Some may work out, before a big sleep
Some stay out dodging a creep
Some people like to party, other retire early
Other say fuck it and do whatever

14th November 02, 07:05 AM
Another nice one, Valde!

I say, Fuck it, do whatever!


Valde Fandango
14th November 02, 05:05 PM
Thanks for your positive input, have any of your own?

14th November 02, 09:44 PM
Not really, but have some favorites.

Valde Fandango
14th November 02, 11:50 PM
Show me your creative side Karina, if you would. ;)

15th November 02, 08:08 AM
Here is one:

The footfalls of many feet are on the prairies,
Treading softly, like the rustling of shaken grasses;
In the air about me is a sound scarce audible,
As of the wings of silent birds, low-flying. . . .

What are they that move in the luminous mid-day,
Invisibly, intangibly? . . .

It is hot and whisperingly still;
I see only the quivering air, there on the far horizon,
And beyond it a lake of cool water lifted into the sky:
Pleasant groves are growing beside it,
Very distant I see them. . . .

Are these men come out of the silence to walk beside me?
Are these gods who flit with invisible wings?

Valde Fandango
15th November 02, 05:44 PM
Very nice Karina. ;) keep em coming!

15th November 02, 05:49 PM
I don't write, I just admire.

Valde Fandango
15th November 02, 06:03 PM

15th November 02, 06:22 PM
I admire nice work, as in:

The coolness of the mountains
and the deepness of the sea
The blueness of the sky,
The Eagles fly -- they do not flee.
The long amber grasses
floating in the breeze,
The smell of sweet flowers
are just thoughts inside of me.
Where men would never venture,
That's where the Eagles fly
On top of purple mountains
You can hear their shrieking cry.

In the mountains are their nests
Hidden from the prey
They won't be fools or be victims
Or fall along the way.

They fight for life,
these large strong birds,
They won't let it pass them by.
Examples in our life should be
To fly where Eagles fly.

Nylite Skytear
1st December 02, 04:06 AM
Here's my favorite poet for you Valde

De Profundis Clamavi
by Charles Baudelaire

Have pity, You alone whom I adore
From down this black pit where my heart is sped,
A sombre universe ringed round with lead
Where fear and curses the long night explore.

Six months a cold sun hovers overhead;
The other six is night upon this land.
No beast; no stream; no wood; no leaves expand.
The desert Pole is not a waste so dead.

Now in the whole world there's no horror quite
so cold and cruel as this glacial sun,
So like old Chaos as this boundless night;

I envy the least animals that run,
Which can find respite in brute slumber drowned,
So slowly is the skein of time unwound.

2nd December 02, 09:41 AM
Great poem, Ny.