View Full Version : The pain inside, a poem by Valde.

Valde Fandango
13th November 02, 01:08 AM
Theres this pain inside, I can not hide
Wrenching and twisting of my stomach
I feel it everyday, when will it end
When the persons causing it chooses, only then

I get driven away, pushed and shoved
Society doesn't want me near them
I dont fit into thier perfect ideal
This is the reason I skip 2 meals

Then they say the inside isn't right
I do what they ask just to be accepted
My personality isn't perfect enough
I try and move away from them, but the pain is still too tough

I want to wish it all away, stand on my own
I don't want to feel the need for those people
I want function alone, but being there and feeling special, thats what i crave
The way they make me feel inside, give me that again
Anything to just make that pain inside, fade away....

13th November 02, 08:59 AM
Very nice, Valde!


Valde Fandango
13th November 02, 06:24 PM
Why thank you. :)