View Full Version : Play Your Favorite MP3s In Game

12th November 02, 01:25 PM
MP3 player webiste (http://eqlive.station.sony.com/news_section/newsview.jsp?story=52635)

Soon you will be able to play your favorite MP3s from inside EverQuest. An in-game MP3 player is now undergoing testing on the Test Server. Once this added feature goes live, a simple in-game command will open the MP3 player window and allow you to listen to your favorite selections of EQ music or selections from your very own MP3 music library.

If you log on to the Test Server for a preview, use Alt-K to launch the player and configure the player window via the Options screen. The music even keeps playing while you zone!

Keep checking EverQuestLive.com for future announcements about the in-game MP3 music player and when it will be available on the live servers