View Full Version : Flowers, kittens and Disney movies, a poem by Valde.

Valde Fandango
11th November 02, 10:30 PM
Lady and the Tramp shared spagetti
I wish happiness like that for all
The best of life is yet to come, better get ready

Thorns always come on a rose
They always smell so sweet
Give a dozen of them to the woman which your propose

Micky had his Minnie
Donald was a duck
And so was Howard and Darkwing

I love chicken, I love liver
Kittens are soft and cuddly
Love makes me knees quiver

Diggler McFeely
11th November 02, 10:43 PM
: looks at Valde.

/slap Valde

Nylite Skytear
11th November 02, 11:16 PM
Ladies only go for tramps :p

12th November 02, 03:14 AM
Then they aren't ladies. :p