View Full Version : Ultimate Empires.. Deadybones :(

7th November 02, 10:51 PM
DNS lookup error for www.ecompweb.com :(

This looks like the end .. time to find a new game :(

8th November 02, 03:33 AM
I blame Ouden. :( He did it!


8th November 02, 05:27 AM
I sent a letter to Gamespy :/

Shorrtee McHeals
8th November 02, 05:38 AM

Calmari Waverider
8th November 02, 08:44 AM
Soooo...anyone have any ideas?

8th November 02, 09:56 AM
well .. wew need to find a game for us all to play so we can all gang up on folks. preferably have it be the same as UE.

Shorrtee McHeals
8th November 02, 11:20 AM
Earth 2025 is the same as UE. I find it harder to start out though. I think it costs more to build buildings or something.

8th November 02, 01:43 PM
Astronest? (http://www.astronest.com)

8th November 02, 01:49 PM
Try the Sims Online Beta. Very strange game but lots of cool people are playing.


Shorrtee McHeals
8th November 02, 01:52 PM
Can you send thousands of tanks and planes into some schumck's country and wreak havoc in it like you can in UE? :(

8th November 02, 02:44 PM
No, but you can piss all over someones floor.

8th November 02, 06:38 PM
The great thing about UE was that it was easy to play from work. The Sims, while being very ghey in my opinion, is not playable at work.

Sabore Wallace
8th November 02, 08:02 PM
Played ArchMage months ago and it was really cool (Like UE but better, and a lot more unit recruitment (summon) options, and instead of missles and spy ops you have spells. But ya need an ad blocker now days. Think SUCKS ass with pop up ads now, why I quit playing. But if everyone went with it I'd do the ad-blocker since it was really fun.

(Same basis, research goes towards learning spells though instead, buildings and exploring, like I said, almost identical (UE was pretty much a less advanced spin-off) but ArchMage is much better IMHO aside from the ad overrun)