View Full Version : SS Chain MQ's

7th November 02, 06:31 PM
No idea how much people charge for this stuff, and I don't ever get to actually GO to HoT, so.. I ask all of you, is there a Chain MQ someone is selling for around 5k? I'm max ally CoV and chit.

7th November 02, 07:00 PM
From my XP Chain drops next to never in HoT. But maybe we are just unlucky when I go.

7th November 02, 07:04 PM
Yeah, I heard it's pretty streaky. Some friend of mine said they got most of a suit of chain one night, and other people say they never see it.

12th November 02, 12:06 PM
talk to effix .. he seems to have a bit of ss chain.

12th November 02, 05:21 PM
I clain all effix chain, but as i have some there will be leftovers : -()

12th November 02, 05:52 PM
I just want the damn sleeves. :(

Effix, where is you?!