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7th November 02, 03:14 PM
NPC Slow Mitigation

Generally speaking we don't announce new NPC functionality, tricks, spell effects or other things that we think are part of the discovery of a new expansion or zone. However, this functionality isn't working properly right now and in doing so it is causing a bit of confusion.

With Planes of Power we gave NPCs the ability to mitigate the effect of slow-type spells. This means that some NPCs have the ability to cause slows to be less than 100% effective. This is not a "slow cap", when it is working properly. The best slow will have the best effect.

This allows our designers much more freedom to balance encounters when considering the use of slow spells. For Planes of Power they did not have to decide solely between the two extremes of slow taking full effect or just turning it off. The relative power of each slow spell is unchanged, and making NPCs immune to slow spells is not the only option when tuning an encounter. There are some encounters where we would like to see slowing considered a good thing for a group to have, but not to the point where the NPC becomes a wimp after he's slowed.

In theory this is a great thing.

However, some time between beta and the release of Planes of Power this new feature stopped working properly. Thanks to everyone that sent in emails and /bug reports for helping us narrow down the problem.

We are aware of the problem and we're working on getting it fixed.


7th November 02, 04:25 PM
found this atShaman Crucible (http://forums.interealms.com/shaman/showthread.php?threadid=7532)


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NPC Slow Mitigation/Vulnerability
Evening, folks.

Wanted to drop a quick note here on the state of slowable PoP NPCs, as this is definitely an issue that many Shaman feel very strongly about, and rightly so.

The long story short: Yes, with Planes of Power, some NPCs have the ability to cause slows to have differing amounts of effectiveness.

Yes, it's definitely not working as it should be at the moment. Somehow, between the time PoP was in beta and the time it went live, this new feature stopped working properly. Thanks are in order to both the Shaman community and our testing department for feedback, /bugs, and following it through.

(Time for my monthly pitch: /bugs really do get read. The more objective details the better. There are quite a few of us who have them mailed to us every day, because we want to keep in touch with what matters to people outside of our own groups of friends.)

One thing that I would like to explain -- It's definitely not intended to be a "slow cap" when it's working properly. The best slow still has the largest effect.

Nothing here was intended to change the relative balance between the slowing classes. In other words, even on slow-mitigated NPCs, a Shaman using his best Slow will have the most impact. It's just a matter of how much of a given spell takes effect.

That said, it's absolutely logical for slowing classes to feel that this aspect of their class' balance had been altered vs certain NPCs in the world.

In some respects, that might be true. However, this was implemented as an alternative to the option that designers faced before, which was making certain NPC's unslowable entirely. We like to think that this offers a much better alternative to the absolute of "Don't bother casting this spell at all."

The spells will still help, and once the feature is fixed, they will once again return to having a measurable and useful impact.

What it comes down to is this: There are some NPCs where we would prefer that slowing be a "good" thing for a group to have, but not powered to the point of completely wimping a given NPC.

It's another way to add flavor to the game, without removing an ability entirely by adding considerably more harsh immunities.

Separately, I also agree that there should be some type of message indicating when these spells don't have the generally expected effect -- That's something that we really should have gotten in there, and we'll do that.

The feeling of casting a spell and not getting any type of feedback at all really isn't a great one.

So much for a quick post. I tried. ;)

Take care,

Scott Hartsman (aka Gallenite)
Technical Director, EverQuest

11th November 02, 12:39 PM
Yeah i read this and said,Wow verant still has no idea what theyre doing.Technically this is why the disease based slow was brought into the game to begin with.But instead we will nerf turgurs a little bit just for you !! thanks VI. Hi buy a clue,simplicity is best.

11th November 02, 02:24 PM
Rognar =/

how was the trip?

11th November 02, 03:57 PM
i leave thursday =).wont be online for about 6 weeks after.