View Full Version : Ue?

6th November 02, 08:34 AM
UE site down?

6th November 02, 10:53 AM
it looks keerashed to me, time will tell.

6th November 02, 07:44 PM
Still down it seems :(

Nylite Skytear
6th November 02, 08:17 PM
fuck, i could use the distraction so bad right now, fucking women :(

6th November 02, 09:05 PM
stupid F'ing UE :(

Shorrtee McHeals
6th November 02, 09:39 PM
Stiiiiiiiiiiill down...... At least this gives me time to get my defense up in Dominion. :)

7th November 02, 01:01 AM
Originally posted by Energiser
stupid F'ing UE :(
stupid F'ing Unhandled Exception :(

7th November 02, 01:30 AM
whens the new version coming out anyways....

7th November 02, 02:32 AM
This game was supposed to end on the 15th. (Nov)


Calmari Waverider
7th November 02, 09:52 AM
GAH! WTF am i spodda do at werk now?

7th November 02, 11:57 AM
GAH! WTF am i spodda do at werk now?

Enlighten the masses that you teach so that they become acceptable squidlets?

Figure a way to punch a hole in the firewall and fill your co-workers hard drive with porn?

Sound General Quarters throughout the school on the announcing system.


Calmari Waverider
7th November 02, 01:04 PM
We dont have a 1MC :(

7th November 02, 03:20 PM
Least when it comes back up I'll have enough turns to pummel #5, course, when I attacked he had 70 turns stored up, am kinda skeered to see how he retaliates, least I took out his missiles :P

Shorrtee McHeals
7th November 02, 11:16 PM
What if it doesnt come back up? :p

7th November 02, 11:29 PM
The domain ecompweb.com seems to have been dropped from its primary zone file. Can't get anything other than whois info, can't trace to the name.

I can get to several other sites in .sg, and I can trace to them fine over different backbones, but ecompweb.com as a host, right now, does not exist on the internet. :\

I'd say UE is gone.

I emailed the only contact in the whois record, but it's a hotmail address so I don't expect too much in the way of a reply.

Shorrtee McHeals
8th November 02, 02:07 AM
Guess thats what happens when some crazy Japs try to rip off Earth 2025 eh? :p

imported_Solaris Flare
8th November 02, 02:29 AM
Ya I think its dead too. =~(

8th November 02, 03:31 AM
If you do a search for it on Google it comes up "in order to serve you better. Please check back later. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thanks for playing in Ultimate Empire".....blah, blah, blah.