View Full Version : WARNING! Politics inside

6th November 02, 01:08 AM
WOOT Republicans take the house! That is all thanks. :)

6th November 02, 01:11 AM

I wanted to make my own election sign.
"Im fucking voting for the person who didnt put 10 thousand goddam ugly neon pink signs all over my city"

But it prollly woulda been frowned upon. And I couldnt find a single person in my ballot that didnt have ugly signs up all over....so I didnt v0te

6th November 02, 01:11 AM
either that or like..i forgot.....but that sounded...better

6th November 02, 01:14 AM
uhh huh

Shorrtee McHeals
6th November 02, 01:18 AM
House and the Senate it looks like......

6th November 02, 01:50 AM
Senate is only 49 right now, need 51 for majority.

Shorrtee McHeals
6th November 02, 01:52 AM
Yea but if you look at the races and call them in your head, the GOP gets 52-53 senate seats to the democrats 47-48.

I think there's gonna be a run-off in Louisiana too.

Maldisdain Atheist
6th November 02, 01:54 AM
Six of one....