View Full Version : Rare but important bug with expansion registration. Nov 4th

5th November 02, 03:34 PM
Rare but important bug with expansion registration.
There is a rare but nasty bug in our billing system right now. We're working on a fix for it now, but it is important that you know about it until we can get it fixed.

There is a rare problem that can cause people to not be credited with all of the expansions that they own. This may cause you to be unable to access a character in an expansion zone. If it believes you are missing Planes of Power you will not be able to gain experience past level 60, or past level 50 if you are missing all expansions. This may cause a loss of experience for some characters in rare instances.

Please double check to make sure that you have the correct expansions listed when you log in.

If you do not, return to the login screen and try logging in again (and again check to make sure you have all appropriate expansions listed). Logging back into the server should restore your access to the expansions, but make certain to check.

For those people who have been affected by this bug -please /petition or use the Contact Your GM link so we can restore your character.

We will have this corrected as quickly as we can.

Thanks for your patience,