View Full Version : Question about some empires for you old sk00l folks.

5th November 02, 01:07 AM
I got my eyes set on a few Empires allied together. Empires that have nothing but Turrets and/or Jets in their arsenal. Empires that have no other land outside of Industrial complexes/Farms/Con Sites. They are allied together in various military and tech alliances, but there is no outside ally with them that can even mount a counter attack.

Anyway, are these guys fucking around or are they just alt accounts of larger Empires maybe? I ask you guys 'cause you've around longer and know the ropes of attacking better then I, since I have YET to mount an offensive campaign against someone that could react.

Also, their account numbers are real close together, like 2 numbers seperate them =P

Procede with caution or with abandon is my concern. The one guy has nearly 300,000 turrets and no other military forces. Would this wipe out an army of like 30k infantry and 45k tanks and 45k jets? Do turrets knock down Missles? Should I send them over first? I'm starting to build up a reputable arsenal of various warheads and would rather not just toss them needlessly against a wall of iron if you catch my drift... :)

Maldisdain Atheist
5th November 02, 04:24 AM
Artilery attacks are your friend. Launch a couple and you cripple their land base, making them unable to retaliate. Besides... they are tank v. tank. No tanks, no defense.

Nylite Skytear
5th November 02, 02:26 PM
reminds me of wanting to lower my jet make by another 5 %