View Full Version : #996 - Monk3y ass

4th November 02, 06:52 PM
I'ma take this geeb out, feel free to come along for the ride.. this is one of the geebs who's been attacking kela apparently.. nice target, lots of land :)

4th November 02, 07:27 PM
3 successful standard strikes

1 nuke 4 biochems

bunch of spy attacks. he's a lot weaker now, but military isn't terrible.. decent amount of tanks (80-90k) about 70k troops / jets and about 100k turrets.

will be building some more with all the land he gave me, then we my readiness is up, more strikes :)

4th November 02, 07:35 PM
oh, and i sent him a message -


Messing with #1234 furthur could be hazardous to your health.

i dunno why i bothered, seeing as i plan to drill this guy out of my rank range, but hey.

Nylite Skytear
4th November 02, 09:09 PM
i;'ve been pounding this guys head in for the past week despite knowing he's been attacking anyone

4th November 02, 09:12 PM
<3 <3 <3 <3 He's a big jerkface for messing with Paradise!!!!

4th November 02, 09:12 PM
hehe. well, more sploomage for him! wee!

Valde Fandango
5th November 02, 01:14 AM
Your army overruns the defenses of m0nK3y-aSS (#996)!
Your army lost 2059 Troops, 1458 Jets, 1458 Tanks, and your enemy lost 934 Troops, 1391 Turrets, 1355 Tanks.
You captured 132 acres of land, $6 cash, 566 technology points, 6921 bushels food, and killed 191 civilians.

Your army overruns the defenses of m0nK3y-aSS (#996)!
Your army lost 2383 Troops, 1702 Jets, 1702 Tanks, and your enemy lost 1058 Troops, 1574 Turrets, 1534 Tanks.
You captured 121 acres of land, $5 cash, 547 technology points, 6679 bushels food, and killed 190 civilians\

I build my empire on smashing lowbies.

5th November 02, 07:48 AM
I caused discension and then whomped on em a couple times. I pushed it the third time with my low readiness. :(